is an option for displayed objects such as Button and Slider that specifies the general type of appearance they should have.


  • Typical settings for Appearance include Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, as well as such attributes as "Open" and "Closed".
  • When multiple appearance specifications refer to a particular object, they are given in a list.
  • When an object can be in several different states, the setting for Appearance can be given in the form {"cond1"->app1,"cond2"->app2,}.


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Basic Examples  (6)

Display all the controls of Manipulator:

Display the current value of Manipulator as an editable label:

Force an ActionMenu object to look like a PopupMenu:

Control the appearance of Button:

Control the appearance of Opener:

Different appearances for the slider thumb are available on some platforms:

Possible Issues  (1)

Appearances provided by the operating system may be different or unavailable on other platforms:

Generic appearances are available on all platforms:

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