Controls Options

The Wolfram Language's symbolic control objects include options that make it easy to optimize both appearance and functionality in arbitrarily sophisticated interfaces.

Style overall style for any expression

DefaultOptions give default options to use for specified controls

Deploy make only controls respond to mouse clicks

ImageSize overall size (e.g. Small, Large)

ImageMargins margins to leave around the control

BaselinePosition how to align the control if it appears in text

ContentPadding whether to shrink the margins tightly around contents

AutoAction whether the control is affected even without clicking the mouse

ContinuousAction whether to update continuously, or only on mouse release

Enabled whether the control is enabled, or grayed out

HyperlinkAction for hyperlinks, action to take when following the link

RemovalConditions conditions under which to auto-remove attached cells

Appearance overall appearance, with different possibilities for different control types

Background background color of a control

BaseStyle the base style to use for rendering the content of the control

MenuStyle the base style to use for rendering menus invoked by a control

TooltipStyle the base style to use for rendering tooltips

MinIntervalSize minimum interval between sliders of an IntervalSlider

Exclusions excluded points or regions in slider-like controls

FieldSize size of the field allowed for input or contents

FieldCompletionFunction  ▪  FieldHint  ▪  FieldHintStyle  ▪  FieldMasked

Scrollbars  ▪  ScrollPosition

TransitionDirection  ▪  TransitionDuration  ▪  TransitionEffect

Multiselection whether a picker control can allow multiple picks

ControlsRendering style option to choose platform-specific or generic appearances