is an option for InputField, PopupMenu, and related functions that specifies the size of the field allowed for input or contents.


  • Possible settings for FieldSize are:
  • Tiny, Small, Medium, Large predefined sizes
    wfixed width w and at least one line high
    {w,h}fixed width w and fixed height h
    {{wmin,wmax},}width between wmin and wmax
    {,{hmin,hmax}}height between hmin and hmax
  • The width for FieldSize is measured in ems; the height in line heights.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Use predefined sizes for InputField:

Use a custom size:

Use predefined sizes for PopupMenu:

Use a custom size:

Properties & Relations  (1)

FieldSize uses both FieldHintStyle and BaseStyle to determine the size of an InputField:

Introduced in 2007