is an option for IntervalSlider that specifies the minimum size of the interval during interactive editing.


  • The default setting of MinIntervalSize->0 allows the two IntervalSlider thumbs to take on the same value.
  • If a step size is given, any positive MinIntervalSize will effectively be interpreted as a multiple of the step size.
  • If MinIntervalSize is set to a value larger than the domain of the slider, then no interactive editing will be allowed.


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Basic Examples  (2)

By default, IntervalSlider allows the two thumbs to take on the same value:

If the two thumbs must have different values, set MinIntervalSize to a positive number:

Scope  (4)

Any positive value will effectively be interpreted as a multiple of the step size:

MinIntervalSize is often used with a Method setting, to keep the interval oriented:

MinIntervalSize does not change the given initial settings:

MinIntervalSize does not impose limitations on programmatic settings of the interval value:

Possible Issues  (2)

Setting MinIntervalSize larger than the overall slider size will not allow interactive editing:

MinIntervalSize only affects interactions with the IntervalSlider control; other controls are not affected:

Introduced in 2014