is an option that specifies the absolute margins to leave around the image displayed for an object.


  • Settings for ImageMargins are given in printer's points.
  • Margins specified by ImageMargins appear outside the region defined by ImageSize.
  • Possible settings for ImageMargins are:
  • Automaticmargins to be determined by where the object appears
    mthe same margins on all sides
    {{left,right},{bottom,top}}different margins on different sides
  • ImageMargins can be used in functions such as Graphics and Export, as well as for objects such as Cell, Button, and Slider.
  • For Cell, ImageMargins represents space to be left inside whatever CellMargins are specified for a particular cell.


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Basic Examples  (3)

No margins outside of ImageSize:

Have 20-point margins on all sides:

Leave different margins on each side:

Properties & Relations  (2)

ImageMargins is defined outside of ImageSize:

ImagePadding is defined within ImageSize:

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