is an option for menu-generating constructs that specifies the style to use in displaying menu items.


  • Any style specification used in Style can be used as a setting for MenuStyle.
  • Typical forms of settings include:
  • "style"a named style from the current stylesheets
    {opt1->val1,}a list of explicit option settings
    {"style",opt1->val1,}a named style modified by option settings
  • Color directives such as Red, as well as text specifications such as Bold or Small, can be given in place of options, just as in Style.
  • Giving the option setting MenuStyle->spec is effectively equivalent to replacing the menu elements of a formatting or related construct by Style[label,spec].
  • Any outside styles not explicitly overridden by settings in MenuStyle will still be used.
  • MenuStyle is effectively applied after DefaultMenuStyle.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Specify overall style of all the menu-like elements:

MenuStyle can be used to specify styles that should not be applied to the menu's base appearance:

Scope  (1)

MenuStyle affects the appearance of menus, but does not change their actions:

Introduced in 2010