represents the question q and the corresponding assessment assess.


derives a question from the assessment.

Details and Options

  • A QuestionObject is displayed as an interactive form in which answers are submitted and assessed.
  • A QuestionObject is commonly created in a Question Notebook, available with CreateNotebook["QuestionNotebook"].
  • In QuestionObject[q,assess], q accepts the following form:
  • "question"text prompt asking a question
    QuestionInterface[type,specs]a QuestionInterface object
  • The assessment assess accepts the following forms:
  • AssessmentFunction[]assessment function
    <||>Association defining a valid key for AssessmentFunction
    ftest function
  • The test function f should be a function that takes the answer and returns True or False based on the correctness.
  • Supported interface types include:
  • "ChooseMultiple"select any number of items from a defined list
    "Code"enter code using an input field
    "MultipleShortAnswers"enter multiple answers into input fields
    "MultipleChoice"select a correct answer from a list
    "MultipleChoiceGrid"group items into categories using a table
    "NumericRange"choose a value from within a range
    "SelectPair"match an item with a category
    "SelectColor"choose a color
    "ShortAnswer"enter an answer using an input field
    "TrueFalse"determine whether a question is true or false


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Basic Examples  (2)

Define a multiple-choice question:

Create a true/false question:

Scope  (3)

Create a categorization question:

Create a multiple-choice grid question:

Create a question where multiple answers may be chosen:

Applications  (1)

Define a function that generates random versions of a question:

Generate two versions of the question:

Properties & Relations  (1)

When an interface type cannot be inferred from the assessment, an input field is used:

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