Setting Up User Interactions

The Wolfram Language supports a full range of user interaction models, all defined by symbolic specifications that can be deployed both in a notebook and in the cloud.

Predefined Forms »

FormFunction set up a submittable single or multipage form

FormPage set up a page containing both a form and a result

FormObject specify the detailed structure of a form

FormControl specify current and default values for the form controls

Procedural User Interaction

AskFunction program that can ask questions during execution

Ask ask for a value if necessary, or just return it if already known

AskedValue get a value, so long as it has already been asked

AskAppend ask for a value, appending it to a list of previous values

AskConfirm confirm or change a value

AskDisplay display an expression with known values inserted

AskTemplateDisplay display the result of applying a template to known values

AskedQ test whether a value has been asked for

AskState give an association of all values that are currently set

Response Assessment

AssessmentFunction assess correctness of answers to questions

AssessmentResultObject representation of an assessment

QuestionObject create a dynamic question and assessment interface

Dynamic Interactivity »

Manipulate create an interface to manipulate any expression or graphic

Dynamic  ▪  DynamicModule  ▪  ...

Dialog Boxes »

Input simple modal input

ChoiceDialog  ▪  MessageDialog  ▪  DialogInput  ▪  ...

Web Deployment »

CloudDeploy deploy an interface to the cloud

AuthenticationDialog  ▪  Permissions  ▪  IconRules  ▪  ...