interactively reads in one Wolfram Language expression.


requests input, displaying prompt as a "prompt".


in a notebook front end uses init as the initial contents of the input field.

Details and Options

  • Input returns the expression it reads.
  • The operation of Input may vary from one computer system to another. When a Wolfram System front end is used, Input typically works through a dialog box.
  • When no front end is used, Input reads from standard input.
  • If the standard input is a file, then Input returns EndOfFile if you try to read past the end of the file.
  • On systems with textual input, Input[] uses ? as a prompt.
  • When Input is evaluated, the Wolfram System stops until the input has been read.
  • With a notebook front end, Input by default puts up a dialog window with a standard appearance.
  • The prompt given can be text, graphics or any expression.
  • Input takes notebook options. The default settings include WindowFloating->False, WindowSize->All and WindowTitle->None.
  • Input by default puts up a dialog in the middle of the main display screen. Explicit settings for WindowMargins override this.
  • The options for InputField can be given directly as options to Input to control the properties of its input field.
  • Input[prompt] is equivalent to Input[prompt,""].


Basic Examples  (2)

Get an input expression and square it:

Request input of a function to plot:

Introduced in 1988
Updated in 2007