Basic Input & Output in Programs

In the Wolfram System's standard notebook interface, you are directly giving input and getting output every time you press Null. Although much more rarely needed than in more primitive languages, the Wolfram Language also allows you to get input and generate output as side effects in a computation.

Print print any expression, including graphics, as output

PrintTemporary print temporarily, cleaning up when a computation is complete

Echo  ▪  EchoFunction

Formatted Output »

"string" (String)  ▪  Row  ▪  Column  ▪  ...

Input, InputString put up a dialog to request input of an expression or string

Pause  ▪  Beep  ▪  EmitSound

File Operations »

Import, Export import and export in hundreds of formats

OpenWrite  ▪  OpenRead  ▪  Write  ▪  Read  ▪  ReadList  ▪  ...