The Wolfram Language provides convenient and efficient system-independent functions for handling file-related constructs at all levels.

ordinary named file


, etc. web-type URL

File, URL symbolic specifications of files, URLs

Complete Files

ReadString, WriteString read and write complete file contents as strings

ReadByteArray read complete file contents as byte arrays

Import, Export import and export in hundreds of formats

ReadList read unstructured data from a file

FilePrint display the raw contents of a file

File Searching

FindList find strings in lists of files

FileNames find files by name

Low-Level File Operations »

OpenRead, OpenWrite open files

Read, Write read and write individual data elements

ReadLine, WriteLine read and write lines of text

Find  ▪  Skip  ▪  SetStreamPosition  ▪  ...

Wolfram Language Expression Files »

Get (<<) get Wolfram Language expressions from a file (.m file)

Put (>>), PutAppend (>>>) put Wolfram Language expressions into a file (.m file)

Save  ▪  DumpSave  ▪  Encode  ▪  BinarySerialize

Binary Data »

BinaryReadList  ▪  BinaryRead  ▪  BinaryWrite  ▪  ...

File Properties & Operations »

FileDate  ▪  FileSize  ▪  FileNames  ▪  FileHash  ▪  CopyFile  ▪  ...

Remote Files

RemoteFile  ▪  Authentication  ▪  $SSHAuthentication