The Wolfram Language provides convenient and efficient system-independent functions for handling file-related constructs at all levels.

ordinary named file


, etc. web-type URL

Complete Files

ReadString, WriteString read and write complete file contents as strings

Import, Export import and export in hundreds of formats

ReadList read unstructured data from a file

FilePrint display the raw contents of a file

File Searching

FindList find strings in lists of files

FileNames find files by name

Low-Level File Operations »

OpenRead, OpenWrite open files

Read, Write read and write individual data elements

ReadLine, WriteLine read and write lines of text

Find  ▪  Skip  ▪  SetStreamPosition  ▪  ...

Wolfram Language Expression Files »

Get (<<) get Wolfram Language expressions from a file (.m file)

Put (>>), PutAppend (>>>) put Wolfram Language expressions into a file (.m file)

Save  ▪  DumpSave  ▪  Encode  ▪  BinarySerialize

Binary Data »

BinaryReadList  ▪  BinaryRead  ▪  BinaryWrite  ▪  ...

File Properties & Operations »

FileDate  ▪  FileSize  ▪  FileNames  ▪  FileHash  ▪  CopyFile  ▪  ...

Cryptography »

Encrypt  ▪  Decrypt  ▪  GenerateSymmetricKey  ▪  ...

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