File Operations

In addition to a rich set of standard file operations, the Wolfram Language's unified symbolic architecture makes it easy to apply algorithmic approaches and efficient higher-level programming to many file and system administration tasks.

FileNames list names of files or directories at any depth in the file system

CopyFile  ▪  RenameFile  ▪  DeleteFile  ▪  FileConvert

File symbolic representation of a file location

File Properties

FileDate  ▪  FileSize  ▪  SetFileDate  ▪  FileType  ▪  FileHash  ▪  FileFormat  ▪  FileFormatQ  ▪  FileByteCount

File Utilities

FindList search for strings in lists of files

FilePrint display the raw contents of a file

ReadString get the complete contents of a file as a string

Directory Operations »

DirectoryQ test whether a name corresponds to an existing directory

CreateDirectory  ▪  CopyDirectory  ▪  DeleteDirectory  ▪  SetDirectory  ▪  ...

File System Operations

FileSystemScan perform an operation on nested directories of files

FileSystemMap give results of applying an operation to nested directories of files

Finding Files

FindFile find a file on $Path etc.

FileNameSetter interactively browse for a file

FileExistsQ  ▪  AbsoluteFileName

File Name Operations »

FileNameSplit, FileNameJoin split, join file name strings

FileBaseName  ▪  DirectoryName  ▪  ExpandFileName  ▪  ...

Compression & Archiving

CreateArchive  ▪  ExtractArchive

Encryption »

EncryptFile  ▪  DecryptFile  ▪  GenerateSymmetricKey  ▪  ...

Reading & Writing Files »

Import  ▪  Export  ▪  Get (<<)  ▪  Put (>>)  ▪  ReadList  ▪  BinaryReadList  ▪  ReadByteArray  ▪  ...

File Templates

FileTemplate set up a file as a template

TemplateApply apply a file template to specific data

Low-Level File Operations »

OpenRead  ▪  OpenWrite  ▪  Streams  ▪  Read  ▪  Skip  ▪  ...

Remote Files

URL specify a remote file using HTTPS, SFTP, SCP, ...

URLDownload  ▪  RemoteFile  ▪  Authentication  ▪  $SSHAuthentication

Persistent Storage »

LocalObject  ▪  LocalSymbol  ▪  CloudObject  ▪  ...

External Storage Services

ExternalStorageObject reference to a file on an external storage service (e.g. IPFS, Dropbox)

ExternalStorageUpload upload a file to an external storage service

ExternalStorageDownload download a file from an external storage service

ExternalStoragePut  ▪  ExternalStorageGet  ▪  $ExternalStorageBase  ▪  ExternalStorageBase