downloads the content of the specified URL to a local temporary file.


downloads the contents of the specified URLs to files in a local temporary directory.


downloads to a specified file.


downloads to a specified directory.


downloads the results of the list of HTTP requests.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (3)

This saves the content of the URL:

Download a file and check the status code returned from the server:

Gather information about a connection:

For more complex requests, use HTTPRequest:

Options  (4)

CookieFunction  (1)

Apply a function to each cookie received when an HTTP response is received:

FollowRedirects  (1)

Specify whether to follow HTTP redirects when retrieving a URL:

TimeConstraint  (1)

Specify the maximum allotted time in seconds to finish downloading data from the server:

VerifySecurityCertificates  (1)

Verify that the SSL certificate used by the server is valid:

Properties & Relations  (2)

File and CloudObject are fully supported:

Import the request by using Import or URLExecute:

Introduced in 2016