is an option that specifies whether a function should create a user prompt when mimicking an action that would have created a user prompt if invoked manually.


  • The user prompt invoked varies from function to function. For example, NotebookPrint would invoke a prompt to select a printer, while NotebookSave would invoke a prompt to select a file name.
  • Setting Interactive->True may not guarantee a user prompt will appear. For example, a user prompt only appears with NotebookClose if the Wolfram System detects that changes to the notebook may be lost, and would normally prompt the user to save the notebook or lose the changes.
  • If Interactive->True causes a user prompt to appear, then the function will fail if the user cancels the prompt.


Basic Examples  (1)

Create a sample notebook:

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Edit the sample notebook:

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Using Interactive->True shows a prompt before closing the notebook:

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Introduced in 2012