saves the current version of the specified notebook.


saves the notebook in the specified file.


saves the current version of the current evaluation notebook in a file.

Details and Options

  • notebook must be a NotebookObject.
  • NotebookSave[notebook] saves the notebook in a file whose name is given by the notebook object notebook.
  • NotebookSave writes out the Wolfram Language expression corresponding to the notebook, together with Wolfram Language comments which make it easier for the front end to read the notebook in again.
  • NotebookSave[notebook,"file"] overwrites file without warning if it exists.
  • NotebookSave[notebook,File["file"]] is also supported.
  • If the option setting Interactive->True is given, the front end will prompt the user to select a file name for the notebook.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Save a new document to a specified file:

Modify a previously saved document and save it to the same place:

Scope  (1)

If you do not provide a file name for a new notebook, you will be prompted to choose one:

Applications  (1)

Save the notebook being evaluated:

Introduced in 1996
Updated in 2007