Summary of New Features in 13.3

A list of key new features since 13.2, including features experimental in 13.3.

LLM-Related Functionality »

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Functions for calling large language models (LLM) functionality programmatically and for allowing LLMs to access Wolfram Language tools.

Symbolic Chat

ChatObject create and represent an ongoing chat conversation

ChatEvaluate add chat interactions and continue a conversation

Programmatic Access to LLM Functionality

LLMFunction a templated function to be evaluated by an LLM

LLMResourceFunction use a prewritten template (from Prompt Repository, URL, etc.)

LLMExampleFunction construct a template from examples

$LLMEvaluator  ▪  LLMEvaluator  ▪  LLMConfiguration

Prompt Construction

LLMPrompt retrieve a prewritten prompt

Raw Content Generation

LLMSynthesize synthesize text from a prompt using an LLM

Calling Wolfram Language from Within LLMs

LLMTool symbolic representation of a tool for use by an LLM

LLMToolRequest  ▪  LLMToolResponse  ▪  GenerateLLMToolResponse

Core Language

Entity Framework

EntityType symbolic representation of an entity type

EntityProperty (updated), EntityClass (updated), EntityPropertyClass (updated) support for child types

Kernel Management

KernelConfigurationEdit edit properties for a given kernel

$DefaultParallelKernels list of kernels configured for parallel computing

Unit Testing

TestCreate create a test object from an input and an expected output

TestObject symbolic representation of a unit test

TestEvaluate  ▪  TestEvaluationFunction

Data Types

RealValuedNumberQ test if an expression is a number with a real value

RealValuedNumericQ test if an expression represents a number with a real value

ByteArray (updated) now supports empty arrays

Mathematical Computation

Vector Calculus

LineIntegrate vector line integrals

SurfaceIntegrate vector surface integrals

Complex Analysis

ContourIntegrate complex contour integration

Integral Transforms

New landmark capabilities, achieving F. Oberhettinger, Tables of Laplace Transforms.

LaplaceTransform  (updated)   ▪  InverseLaplaceTransform  (updated) 

Difference Equations

RSolveValue (updated) improved quality and performance for constant coefficient linear ΔEs

Special Functions »

Support for the Appell bivariate hypergeometric special functions.

AppellF1  (updated)   ▪  AppellF2  ▪  AppellF3  ▪  AppellF4

Support for interval evaluation in several more special functions.

CarlsonRF  (updated)   ▪  CarlsonRC  (updated)   ▪  CarlsonRG  (updated)   ▪  CarlsonRJ  (updated)   ▪  CarlsonRD  (updated)   ▪  CoulombF  (updated)   ▪  CoulombG  (updated)   ▪  CoulombH1  (updated)   ▪  CoulombH2  (updated)   ▪  DirichletL  (updated)   ▪  HurwitzLerchPhi  (updated)   ▪  InverseErf  (updated)   ▪  InverseErfc  (updated)   ▪  LerchPhi  (updated)   ▪  RiemannSiegelTheta  (updated)   ▪  RiemannSiegelZ  (updated)   ▪  WeierstrassP  (updated)   ▪  WeierstrassPPrime  (updated)   ▪  WeierstrassSigma  (updated)   ▪  WeierstrassZeta  (updated)   ▪  WeierstrassHalfPeriods  (updated)   ▪  WeierstrassHalfPeriodW1  (updated)   ▪  WeierstrassHalfPeriodW2  (updated)   ▪  WeierstrassHalfPeriodW3  (updated)   ▪  WeierstrassInvariants  (updated)   ▪  WeierstrassInvariantG2  (updated)   ▪  WeierstrassInvariantG3  (updated) 

Finite Fields »

FiniteField represent a finite field

FiniteFieldElement represent an element of a finite field

FiniteFieldEmbedding  ▪  FrobeniusAutomorphism  ▪  FiniteFieldElementTrace  ▪  FiniteFieldElementNorm  ▪  MinimalPolynomial  ▪  MultiplicativeOrder  ▪  FiniteFieldElementPrimitiveQ

Support for polynomial computations over finite fields

Factor (updated) factor a polynomial over a finite field

PolynomialGCD (updated) find the g.c.d. of polynomials with coefficients from a finite field

FactorList  (updated)   ▪  FactorSquareFree  (updated)   ▪  FactorSquareFreeList  (updated)   ▪  PolynomialLCM  (updated)   ▪  PolynomialExtendedGCD  (updated)   ▪  Expand  (updated)   ▪  Together  (updated)   ▪  Cancel  (updated)   ▪  IrreduciblePolynomialQ  (updated)   ▪  PolynomialQuotient  (updated)   ▪  PolynomialRemainder  (updated)   ▪  PolynomialQuotientRemainder  (updated)   ▪  Resultant  (updated)   ▪  Discriminant  (updated) 

Structured Matrices »

These are now structured matrices with compact representation and fast computation.

IdentityMatrix  (updated)   ▪  DiagonalMatrix  (updated)   ▪  ToeplitzMatrix  (updated)   ▪  HankelMatrix  (updated)   ▪  FourierMatrix  (updated) 

TargetStructure specify the form of generated output

Support for TargetStructure in matrix constructors.

CholeskyDecomposition  (updated)   ▪  CoreNilpotentDecomposition  (updated) 

DiagonalMatrix  (updated)   ▪  IdentityMatrix  (updated)   ▪  ToeplitzMatrix  (updated)   ▪  HankelMatrix  (updated)   ▪  FourierMatrix  (updated)   ▪  HilbertMatrix  (updated)   ▪  UpperTriangularize  (updated)   ▪  LowerTriangularize  (updated)   ▪  UpperTriangularMatrix  (updated)   ▪  LowerTriangularMatrix  (updated)   ▪  PermutationMatrix  (updated)   ▪  VandermondeMatrix  (updated)   ▪  CauchyMatrix  (updated)   ▪  BlockDiagonalMatrix  (updated)   ▪  BlockLowerTriangularMatrix  (updated)   ▪  BlockUpperTriangularMatrix  (updated) 


Input Assistance

Fuzzy autocompletion of symbols.

Typing & now flashes the scope of the pure function.

Package editor toolbar has been updated with new functionality.

Formatting & Typesetting

Elegant and Elegant Printout environments for elegant code formatting.

Squiggled add a wavy underline to text

Highlighted (updated) new option to control whether the head is removed when used as input

Bra, Ket, BraKet Dirac notation

DefaultFontProperties (updated) allows explicit specification of Wolfram font

Notebook Programming »

ActionMenu (updated) action menus now allow submenus

NotebookLocate (updated) support for locating line numbers in package files

Cells (updated) extended to filter for cells with given counter settings or increments

NotebookWrite (updated) new syntax to allow writing before or after a BoxObject or CellObject

Machine Learning & Neural Networks »

Machine Learning

ImageIdentify (updated) updated accuracy of the core model; added a smaller, faster model

NetModel (updated), NetGraph (updated) huge speedup on Windows, Linux, Mac (Intel) platforms

NetExternalObject (updated) support for MXNet format

Integrated Statistics & Machine Learning

Classify (updated), ClassifierMeasurements (updated) use FittedModel as input

Broader support for input data similar to ML functions.

LinearModelFit  (updated)   ▪  GeneralizedLinearModelFit  (updated)   ▪  LogitModelFit  (updated)   ▪  ProbitModelFit  (updated)   ▪  NonlinearModelFit  (updated) 

Wolfram Neural Net Repository »

New networks for foreground segmentation, pose estimation, multimodal classification, etc.

"CenterNet Pose Estimation Nets Trained on MS-COCO Data"  ▪  "CLIP Multi-domain Feature Extractor"  ▪  "DoubleU-Net Trained on Medical Image Segmentation Datasets"  ▪  "Optic-Net Classifier for Retinal Diseases"  ▪  "U2-Net Portrait Generator Trained on APDrawing Data"  ▪  "U2-Net Trained on DUTS-TR Data"  ▪  "Vision Transformer Trained on ImageNet Competition Data"


Interaction and Presentation

New dynamic highlighting capabilities for interactive exploration and static highlighting for presentations in static media such as books and articles.

Highlighted (updated) statically or dynamically highlight specific elements in visualization

PlotHighlighting set global highlighting effects for visualizations

Plot  (updated)   ▪  ListPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListLinePlot  (updated)   ▪  ParametricPlot  (updated)   ▪  DateListPlot  (updated)   ▪  LogPlot  (updated)   ▪  LogLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  LogLinearPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListLogLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListLogLinearPlot  (updated)   ▪  DateListLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  StackedListPlot  (updated)   ▪  StackedDateListPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListStepPlot  (updated)   ▪  DateListStepPlot  (updated)   ▪  AbsArgPlot  (updated)   ▪  ReImPlot  (updated)   ▪  ComplexListPlot  (updated)   ▪  QuantilePlot  (updated)   ▪  ProbabilityPlot  (updated)   ▪  ProbabilityScalePlot  (updated)   ▪  SmoothHistogram  (updated) 


Updated default color function with a larger dynamic range.

ContourPlot  (updated)   ▪  DensityPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListContourPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListDensityPlot  (updated)   ▪  DensityPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListDensityPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  SliceContourPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  SliceDensityPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListSliceContourPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListSliceDensityPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ComplexContourPlot  (updated)   ▪  DensityHistogram  (updated)   ▪  SmoothDensityHistogram  (updated)   ▪  ReliefPlot  (updated) 

Documentation & Learning

Updated details for better learning and commonly used graphics options.

Plot  (updated)   ▪  Plot3D  (updated)   ▪  ParametricPlot  (updated)   ▪  ParametricPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ContourPlot  (updated)   ▪  ContourPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  DensityPlot  (updated)   ▪  DensityPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListLinePlot  (updated)   ▪  ListPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListContourPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListContourPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListDensityPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListDensityPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  RegionPlot  (updated)   ▪  RegionPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  DiscretePlot  (updated)   ▪  DiscretePlot3D  (updated)   ▪  DateListPlot  (updated)   ▪  LogPlot  (updated)   ▪  LogLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  LogLinearPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListLogLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListLogLinearPlot  (updated)   ▪  DateListLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  VectorPlot  (updated)   ▪  StreamPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListVectorPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListStreamPlot  (updated)   ▪  VectorPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  StreamPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListVectorPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListStreamPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  VectorDensityPlot  (updated)   ▪  StreamDensityPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListVectorDensityPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListStreamDensityPlot  (updated) 

Uncertainty, Dates & Astronomy

Uncertainty »

Around (updated) support of uncertain numbers in numerical and comparison functions

NumericalOrder  (updated)   ▪  Less  (updated)   ▪  Equal  (updated)   ▪  LessEqual  (updated)   ▪  Greater  (updated)   ▪  GreaterEqual  (updated) 

Dates »

Duration (updated) support dates, intervals and entities

Homogeneous support of options in date constructors.

DateObject  (updated)   ▪  TimeObject  (updated)   ▪  DateInterval  (updated)   ▪  FromAbsoluteTime  (updated)   ▪  FromDateString  (updated)   ▪  FromUnixTime  (updated)   ▪  FromJulianDate  (updated) 

DateGranularity (updated) extended support for specification of date granularity

Astronomy »

Improved precision of astronomy functionality.

Sunrise  (updated)   ▪  Sunset  (updated)   ▪  SunPosition  (updated)   ▪  MoonPosition  (updated)   ▪  DaylightQ  (updated)   ▪  SiderealTime  (updated) 

Dated (updated) accept date specifications like year 2023.34 in astronomical computations

SphericalDistance compute distances on the unit sphere

Geometry, Graphs & Graphics

AR/VR Support

ARPublish publish 3D graphics and geometries to AR devices

"USD", "GLTF" AR formats for mobile devices

3D Printing Support

"OBJ" (updated) texture support for color 3D printing, as well as performance and robustness

"STL" (updated) performance and robustness

Boolean & Morphological Operations

Dramatic performance and robustness improvements for 2D Boolean and morphological operations.

RegionUnion  (updated)   ▪  RegionIntersection  (updated)   ▪  RegionDifference  (updated)   ▪  RegionSymmetricDifference  (updated)   ▪  BooleanRegion  (updated)   ▪  RegionDilation  (updated)   ▪  RegionErosion  (updated) 

Spatial Relations

Dramatic performance and robustness enhancements for spatial relation computations.

RegionEqual  (updated)   ▪  RegionWithin  (updated)   ▪  RegionDisjoint  (updated) 

Region Distances

RegionHausdorffDistance measure how different two regions are

RegionDistance (updated) the nearest distance between two regions (separation distance)

RegionFarthestDistance the farthest distance between two regions (spanning distance)

Data Regions

CircumscribedBall minimal enclosing ball

InscribedBall maximum inscribed ball

Graphs & Networks »

Documentation updates with illustrations and more.

AcyclicGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  AdjacencyGraph  (updated)   ▪  AdjacencyMatrix  (updated)   ▪  BreadthFirstScan  (updated)   ▪  CompleteGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  ConnectedComponents  (updated)   ▪  ConnectedGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  DepthFirstScan  (updated)   ▪  DirectedGraph  (updated)   ▪  DirectedGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  EdgeConnectivity  (updated)   ▪  EdgeCoverQ  (updated)   ▪  FindClique  (updated)   ▪  FindCycle  (updated)   ▪  FindEdgeCover  (updated)   ▪  FindEdgeCut  (updated)   ▪  FindEdgeIndependentPaths  (updated)   ▪  FindFundamentalCycles  (updated)   ▪  FindGraphPartition  (updated)   ▪  FindHamiltonianCycle  (updated)   ▪  FindIndependentVertexSet  (updated)   ▪  FindMaximumCut  (updated)   ▪  FindMinimumCut  (updated)   ▪  FindPath  (updated)   ▪  FindVertexCover  (updated)   ▪  FindVertexCut  (updated)   ▪  FindVertexIndependentPaths  (updated)   ▪  GraphCenter  (updated)   ▪  GraphDiameter  (updated)   ▪  GraphDisjointUnion  (updated)   ▪  GraphDistance  (updated)   ▪  GraphPeriphery  (updated)   ▪  GraphRadius  (updated)   ▪  HamiltonianGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  IncidenceGraph  (updated)   ▪  IncidenceMatrix  (updated)   ▪  LoopFreeGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  MixedGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  MultigraphQ  (updated)   ▪  NearestNeighborGraph  (updated)   ▪  NeighborhoodGraph  (updated)   ▪  PathGraph  (updated)   ▪  PathGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  PlanarGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  ReverseGraph  (updated)   ▪  SimpleGraph  (updated)   ▪  SimpleGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  Subgraph  (updated)   ▪  TopologicalSort  (updated)   ▪  TreeGraph  (updated)   ▪  TreeGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  TreePlot  (updated)   ▪  UndirectedGraph  (updated)   ▪  UndirectedGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  VertexConnectivity  (updated)   ▪  VertexCoverQ  (updated)   ▪  VertexDegree  (updated)   ▪  VertexInDegree  (updated)   ▪  VertexOutDegree  (updated) 

Graphics Primitives

Disk (updated) multi-disk specification

Graphics Effects

Haloing creates halo around a graphics object, typically used for text labels

Video, Image & Audio Computation

Image Processing »

ImageSynthesize generate an image from a textual prompt

FindImageShapes find common shapes (lines, circles, ellipses, ...) in an image

ImageSaliencyFilter (updated) image saliency filtering using salient object detection

RemoveBackground (updated) separate foreground and background based on foreground saliency

BarcodeImage (updated) support for new barcodes (UPCE and Code93)

Documentation updates for better illustrations and more.

RGBColor  (updated)   ▪  CMYKColor  (updated)   ▪  Hue  (updated)   ▪  LCHColor  (updated)   ▪  LABColor  (updated)   ▪  LUVColor  (updated)   ▪  XYZColor  (updated)   ▪  GrayLevel  (updated) 

Video Processing »

TourVideo (updated) create a tour from a GeoGraphics object

VideoTranscode (updated) transcode multiple videos to have conformed properties

Speed improvement in video trimming and related operations.

VideoTrim  (updated)   ▪  VideoDelete  (updated)   ▪  VideoJoin  (updated) 

Audio Processing »

Audio (updated) significant GUI update for better performance and consistency with other GUIs

Support for speech synthesis and recognition through external services (Google & OpenAI).

SpeechRecognize  (updated)   ▪  SpeechSynthesize  (updated)   ▪  VoiceStyleData  (updated) 

PDE Modeling & Systems Modeling

PDE Modeling »

SolidMechanicsPDEComponent (updated) now supports the Yeoh hyperelastic model

New applications using hyperelastic material models (NeoHookean, Yeoh).

"Biaxial Tensile Test of Hyperelastic Tissue"  ▪  "Vascular Vessel"

System Modeling »

SystemModelCalibrate calibrate a system model parameters with measurement data

Importing & Exporting »

Vector 2D Graphics

"SVG" (updated) import as (vector) Graphics

3D Graphics

"USD" 3D graphics scene description format

"GLTF" 3D content transmission format

Foreign Function Interface »

Foreign Functions

ForeignFunctionLoad load a function from a dynamic library

ForeignPointerLookup get the pointer to a function in a dynamic library

ForeignFunction a function that calls into a dynamic library

CreateForeignCallback  ▪  ForeignCallback

Raw Memory Operations

RawMemoryAllocate allocate raw memory of a given type

RawMemoryFree free raw memory

RawMemoryRead read values from raw memory

RawMemoryWrite  ▪  RawMemoryImport  ▪  RawMemoryExport

Managed Objects

CreateManagedObject create a memory managed object

ManagedObject  ▪  UnmanageObject

Raw Pointers

RawPointer a raw pointer to a typed memory address

OpaqueRawPointer  ▪  NullRawPointerQ

Code Compilation & Data Structures

KernelEvaluate evaluate expressions in a Wolfram Language kernel

SequenceType representation of a sequence of types

Cast enhanced by addition of casting in C

Compiled Types

"ByteArray" one-dimensional array of bytes

Data Structures

"CuckooFilter" test whether elements are definitely not members

"SortedKeyStore" store of sorted keys and values

"BitVector" enhanced with new operations and faster deserialization

"BloomFilter" enhanced with new operations and faster deserialization

Enhancements in Compiler Operations

Improved compilation speed of the compiler by compiling more of the compiler.

Improved performance of compiled code by optimizing memory management operations.

Functions Enhanced in Compiled Code

ByteArray  ▪  ByteArrayQ  ▪  ByteArrayToString  ▪  StringDrop  ▪  StringJoin  ▪  StringTake  ▪  StringToByteArray