Summary of New Features in 13

A list of key new features since 12.0, including features experimental in 13.0.

List of new features and updates since 12.3 >>

Core Language

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Contexts & Symbols

$ContextAliases create aliases referring to context names

Needs (updated) support for context aliases

End (updated), EndPackage (updated) localize context aliases to packages

Contexts  (updated)   ▪  Information  (updated)   ▪  NameQ  (updated)   ▪  Names  (updated) 

ExcludedContexts, IncludedContexts limit recursive definition saving in FullDefinition and related functions

FullDefinition  (updated)   ▪  Save  (updated)    ▪  Manipulate  (updated)    ▪  DynamicModule  (updated) 

ValueQ (updated) specify the method used to determine the presence of values

PersistentSymbol symbol whose value is persistent across sessions etc.

Robustness & Error Handling

Confirm evaluate an expression, confirming that no failure is generated

Enclose evaluate an expression, stopping and returning a failure object if a failure occurs

ConfirmBy  ▪  ConfirmMatch  ▪  ConfirmQuiet  ▪  ConfirmAssert

WithCleanup evaluate an expression with guaranteed initialization and cleanup

ArgumentsOptions separate inputs into positional and optional arguments

CheckArguments check that the number of arguments is correct

EchoEvaluation  ▪  EchoLabel  ▪  EchoTiming  ▪  QuietEcho

Operations on Lists & Subsets

Splice automatic splicing into a list

ArrayReduce reduce an array by applying a function along a specified dimension

SubsetCases find subsets of elements matching a pattern

SubsetReplace replace subsets of elements

SubsetCount  ▪  SubsetPosition

Extract (updated) support for general Part specifications

Functional Programming

FoldWhile, FoldWhileList new functional programming constructs

x//=f apply a function to a variable and update its value (ApplyTo)

x|->f new syntax for Function with named variables

OperatorApplied make a function be applied in operator form

CurryApplied  ▪  ReverseApplied

StringTakeDrop take and drop from a string

LexicographicSort lexicographic sorting of composite objects

Combinatory Terms

Application () left-associative functional application

CombinatorK, CombinatorS fundamental combinators

CombinatorB  ▪  CombinatorC  ▪  CombinatorI  ▪  CombinatorW  ▪  CombinatorY

Programming Utilities

RandomGeneratorState representations of the state of a pseudorandom generator

$RandomGeneratorState the current state of the active pseudorandom generator

TimeRemaining number of seconds remaining in a time-constrained computation

WithLock evaluate expressions with locks on specified files etc.

System Credential Storage

SystemCredential store passwords in your operating system's secure credential store

$SystemCredentialStore the currently active credential store

SystemCredentialData  ▪  SystemCredentialKeys  ▪  SystemCredentialKey

$DefaultSystemCredentialStore  ▪  SystemCredentialStoreObject

Long Computations

ProgressReporting, $ProgressReporting control whether algorithmic functions display progress bars

ParallelMap (updated) support for progress monitoring of computations

ParallelTable  (updated)   ▪  ParallelDo  (updated)   ▪  ParallelCombine  (updated)   ▪  ...

Algebra & Logic

Linear Algebra »

Adjugate the adjugate of a matrix

DrazinInverse the Drazin generalized inverse of a square matrix

CoreNilpotentDecomposition block-diagonal form with core and nilpotent parts

Polynomial Algebra »

PolynomialSumOfSquaresList sums-of-squares representation of a non-negative polynomial

Equation & Inequality Solving »

SolveValues, NSolveValues directly give exact solution values for equations

Solve, Reduce (updated) support for systems of transcendental equations

Root (updated) support for multivariate roots

Solve (updated) now takes Assumptions options

CylindricalDecompositionFunction efficient representation

CylindricalDecomposition  (updated)   ▪  Reduce  (updated)   ▪  FindInstance  (updated)   ▪  ...

Theorem Proving »

FindEquationalProof (updated) extended to support first-order predicate logic

AxiomaticTheory (updated) new theories and properties

Continuous & Discrete Calculus


Integrate (updated) improved integration of algebraic functions

Integrate (updated) improved contour integration of meromorphic functions

Integral Transforms »

BilateralLaplaceTransform bilateral or double-sided Laplace transform

LaplaceTransform (updated) new methods, numerics and regions of convergence (ROC)

InverseBilateralLaplaceTransform  ▪  InverseLaplaceTransform  (updated) 

Differential Equations »

DSolve (updated) now supports symbolic vector variables

DSolve (updated) now supports PDE modeling operators such as WavePDEComponent

DSolve (updated) has a new extensive monograph on symbolic solutions of PDEs

DSolve (updated) now solves all linear system of ODEs with rational function coefficients

DSolve (updated) now solves any linear ODE with q-rational function coefficients

CompleteIntegral complete integrals of first-order PDEs

Symbolic Solutions of PDEs monograph on symbolic PDE modeling and solving

Summation Transforms »

BilateralZTransform bilateral or double-sided Z-transform

InverseBilateralZTransform the inverse transform

Difference Equations

RSolve (updated) now solves all linear systems with rational function coefficients

Asymptotics »

Asymptotic asymptotics of functions, integral transforms and more

DiscreteAsymptotic asymptotics of sequences, summation transform and more

SeriesTermGoal number of terms for asymptotic approximations

New Asymptotic Solvers

AsymptoticProduct asymptotic approximation to products

AsymptoticExpectation asymptotic approximation to expectations

AsymptoticProbability asymptotic approximation to probabilities

Improved Asymptotic Solvers

AsymptoticIntegrate (updated) more methods, including steepest descent

AsymptoticSum (updated) supports regularization

AsymptoticRSolveValue (updated) supports functional difference equations and linear systems

AsymptoticDSolveValue (updated) supports meromorphic linear differential equations and systems

Mathematical Functions »

Interval Evaluation for Mathematical Functions

CenteredInterval real and complex centered interval suitable for interval computation

Gamma (updated) support for interval evaluation in 100+ mathematical functions

Cos  (updated)   ▪  Sin  (updated)   ▪    ▪  HypergeometricPFQ  (updated) 

Injective, Surjective & Bijective Functions »

FunctionInjective test whether a function is injective or one to one

FunctionSurjective  ▪  FunctionBijective

Continuous, Analytic & Meromorphic Functions »

FunctionContinuous test whether a function is continuous

FunctionAnalytic  ▪  FunctionMeromorphic

Positive, Increasing & Convex Functions »

FunctionSign the sign of a function (positive, negative, )

FunctionMonotonicity  ▪  FunctionConvexity

Discontinuities & Singularities of Functions »

FunctionDiscontinuities find all the discontinuities of a function

FunctionSingularities find all the singularities of a function

FunctionPoles find the pole singularities of a meromorphic function

Coulomb Wavefunctions

CoulombF, CoulombG the regular and irregular Coulomb wavefunctions

CoulombH1, CoulombH2 the incoming and outgoing Coulomb wavefunctions

Lamé Functions

LameC Lamé functions

LameS  ▪  LameCPrime  ▪  LameSPrime  ▪  LameEigenvalueA  ▪  LameEigenvalueB

Heun Functions

HeunG, HeunGPrime general Heun function

HeunC, HeunCPrime confluent Heun function

HeunD, HeunDPrime double-confluent Heun function

HeunB, HeunBPrime bi-confluent Heun function

HeunT, HeunTPrime tri-confluent Heun function

Fox's H Function

FoxH Fox's H function, a generalized MeijerG function

FoxHReduce reduction of functions to a FoxH representation

Carlson Elliptic Integral Functions

CarlsonRC Carlson elliptic integral functions

CarlsonRD  ▪  CarlsonRE  ▪  CarlsonRF  ▪  CarlsonRG  ▪  CarlsonRJ  ▪  CarlsonRK  ▪  CarlsonRM

Elliptic Integrals

EllipticK  (updated)   ▪  EllipticE  (updated)   ▪  EllipticF  (updated)   ▪  EllipticPi  (updated)   ▪  JacobiZeta  (updated) 

Jacobi Elliptic Functions

JacobiEpsilon Jacobi epsilon function

JacobiZN Jacobi zeta function

JacobiSN  (updated)   ▪  JacobiCN  (updated)   ▪  JacobiDN  (updated)   ▪  JacobiCD  (updated)   ▪  JacobiCS  (updated)   ▪  JacobiDC  (updated)   ▪  JacobiDS  (updated)   ▪  JacobiNC  (updated)   ▪  JacobiND  (updated)   ▪  JacobiNS  (updated)   ▪  JacobiSC  (updated)   ▪  JacobiSD  (updated)   ▪  JacobiAmplitude  (updated) 

Holonomic Functions

DifferentialRoot (updated) continuation-based numerical evaluation for guaranteed precision

DifferenceRoot (updated) divide-and-conquer-based numerical evaluation for fast evaluation

Number Theory Functions »

PrimePi, Prime (updated) new state-of-the-art algorithms

EulerPhi (updated) new documentation and examples for 70+ number theory functions

GCD  ▪  FactorInteger  ▪  MoebiusMu  ▪  DivisorSigma  ▪  ...

Mathematical Optimization »

Global Optimization

NMinimize (updated) new methods including quasi-convex, log-convex and difference of convex

Minimize (updated) new scalable methods for solving convex optimization exactly

LeastSquares (updated) now has fast sparse method LSQR

Convex Optimization »

ConvexOptimization general convex optimization covering all convex optimization classes

GeometricOptimization optimization of posynomial functions, AKA geometric optimization

LinearOptimization (updated) now supports mixed-integer and real optimization

QuadraticOptimization  ▪  SecondOrderConeOptimization  ▪  SemidefiniteOptimization  ▪  ConicOptimization  ▪  LinearFractionalOptimization  ▪  GeometricOptimization

LinearOptimization (updated) now supports mixed complex and real optimization

QuadraticOptimization  ▪  SecondOrderConeOptimization  ▪  SemidefiniteOptimization  ▪  ConicOptimization  ▪  LinearFractionalOptimization  ▪  GeometricOptimization

Parametric Optimization

ParametricConvexOptimization numeric optimization with parameters for sensitivity and repeated solving

Minimize (updated) greatly enhanced support of multi-parametric linear and quadratic optimization

Robust Optimization (AKA Worst-Case Optimization)

RobustConvexOptimization numeric worst-case optimization with parameter uncertainty

Minimize (updated) symbolic worst-case optimization, i.e. ForAll quantifiers in constraints

Symbolic Optimization

Minimize (updated) efficient support for multi-parametric LP and QP

Minimize (updated) efficient support for exact convex optimization

Commercial Solvers & Solver Plugin Framework

"Gurobi", "Xpress", "MOSEK" plugin support for multiple commercial solver libraries

Optimization Solver Method Framework general extension framework for contributing optimization solvers


Vector Visualization »

StreamPlot3D plots streamlines for vector field functions in 3D

VectorDisplacementPlot3D a displacement plot from a 3D vector field

VectorDisplacementPlot  ▪  ListVectorDisplacementPlot  ▪  ListVectorDisplacementPlot3D  ▪  ListStreamPlot3D

VectorPlot (updated) updated computational aesthetics, options and documentation

ListVectorPlot  (updated)   ▪  VectorPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListVectorPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  SliceVectorPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListSliceVectorPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  StreamPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListStreamPlot  (updated)   ▪  GeoStreamPlot  (updated) 

VectorAspectRatio  ▪  VectorPoints  ▪  VectorRange  ▪  VectorScaling  ▪  VectorSizes

Complex Visualization »

ComplexRegionPlot plots complex regions defined by inequalities

ComplexContourPlot  ▪  ComplexVectorPlot  ▪  ComplexStreamPlot  ▪  ComplexArrayPlot

Geographic Visualization »

GeoContourPlot visualize contour levels on a map

PointValuePlot visualize multiple values at points

GeoDensityPlot  ▪  GeoRegionValuePlot  (updated)   ▪  GeoListPlot  (updated) 

GeoGraphPlot visualize a graph of relations on a map

GeoGraphValuePlot visualize graph flows on a map

Geometry Visualization

VectorPlot3D (updated) can now plot over regions

ContourPlot3D (updated) can now plot over regions

RegionPlot3D (updated) can now plot multiple regions

RegionBoundaryStyle  ▪  RegionFillingStyle

Multipanel Visualization

Multipanel support now in 24 visualization functions

ListDensityPlot  ▪  ContourPlot  ▪  ListContourPlot  ▪  VectorPlot  ▪  ListVectorPlot  ▪  StreamPlot  ▪  ListStreamPlot  ▪  BarChart  ▪  RectangleChart  ▪  PieChart  ▪  SectorChart  ▪  Histogram  ▪  SmoothHistogram  ▪  DateHistogram

Multiaxis Visualization

ListPlot, ListLinePlot (updated) now supports multiple axis layouts

High-Dimensional Visualization

RadialAxisPlot plots of high-dimensional data, AKA radar plot etc.

ParallelAxisPlot plots of high-dimensional data, AKA parallel coordinates etc.

Uncertainty Visualization

ListPlot3D (updated) supports data uncertainty

ListPointPlot3D (updated) supports data uncertainty

Generalized Visualization Scales

ScalingFunctions (updated) now supports infinite scales and ticks

Plot  ▪  Plot3D  ▪  DensityPlot  ▪  ContourPlot  ▪  RegionPlot  ▪  LogPlot  ▪  ComplexPlot  ▪  ComplexPlot3D  ▪  ReImPlot  ▪  AbsArgPlot

ScalingFunctions (updated) now supports date scales and ticks

ListPlot  ▪  ListLinePlot  ▪  ListLinePlot3D  ▪  ListDensityPlot  ▪  ListContourPlot  ▪  ListPointPlot3D  ▪  ListStepPlot  ▪  StackedListPlot  ▪  BubbleChart

DateScale general family of date scales

Data Visualization »

ListLinePlot3D plots lines through 3D data

ArrayPlot3D ArrayPlot for rank-3 arrays

Graphics »


AxisObject graphics primitive representing a generalized axis

TickDirection  ▪  TickLabelOrientation  ▪  TickLabelPositioning  ▪  TickLabels  ▪  TickLengths  ▪  TickPositions

Torus, FilledTorus unfilled and filled torus primitives

Line Dashing Styles

Dashing (updated) new syntaxes for tweaking dashes

AbsoluteDashing (updated) new syntaxes for tweaking dashes

2D Filling Styles

PatternFilling fill a shape with a repeated version of a base pattern

HatchFilling fill a shape with line hatching

LinearGradientFilling fill an area with a linear gradient color

RadialGradientFilling  ▪  ConicGradientFilling

Lighting Styles

DirectionalLight directional light for part of or a whole graphics scene

PointLight spherical point light for part of or a whole graphics scene

SpotLight conical spotlight for part of or a whole graphics scene

AmbientLight  ▪  Lighting  (updated) 

3D Non-photorealistic Shaders

ToonShading cartoon-like shading of surfaces

StippleShading random point shading of surfaces

GoochShading  ▪  HatchShading  ▪  HalftoneShading

3D Physically Based Shaders

MaterialShading realistic rendering of surface material

Lighting (updated) new three-point lighting setting (for material and other displays)

Physically Based Rendering monograph that explains physically based shaders


AbsoluteOptions (updated) substantially updated implementation

Geometric Computation »

CSG Regions

CSGRegion a constructive solid geometry region, i.e. Boolean operations on basic regions

CSGRegionQ  ▪  CSGRegionTree

Data Regions

RegionFit find a best-fit region (plane, line, sphere, etc.) for a set of points

GradientFittedMesh mesh construction from points by fitting gradients

ConcaveHullMesh mesh construction from points from alpha shapes

Geographic Projection Regions

Polygon (updated) polygons of GeoGridPosition are now region objects; allows computation on the map of projected regions

Point  ▪  Line  ▪  Area  ▪  RegionCentroid  ▪  RegionDistance  ▪  ...

Geographic Ellipsoid Regions

Polygon (updated) polygons of GeoPosition are now region objects; allows computation on the geo ellipsoid

Point  ▪  Line  ▪  Area  ▪  RegionCentroid  ▪  RegionDistance  ▪  ...

Basic Regions »

Torus, FilledTorus unfilled and filled torus regions

Tube (updated) can now be used for computation as a region

Derived Regions »

RegionDilation dilating a region by another region, also known as Minkowski sum

RegionErosion eroding a region by another region, also known as Minkowski difference

Scale, Rotate, Translate, GeometricTransformation now give geometric regions

Region Relations »

FindRegionTransform finds the affine transform from one region to another if one exists

RegionCongruent gives conditions for two regions to be congruent (rigid transform)

RegionSimilar gives conditions for two regions to be similar (rigid + scaling transform)

RegionEqual  (updated)   ▪  RegionDisjoint  (updated)   ▪  RegionWithin  (updated) 

Convex Regions

ConvexHullRegion the convex hull of any region

ConvexRegionQ test whether a region is convex

ConvexPolygonQ  (updated)   ▪  ConvexPolyhedronQ  (updated)   ▪  ConvexHullMesh  (updated) 

Geometric & Topological Search

NearestMeshCells find the nearest mesh cells to a point (geometric search)

AdjacentMeshCells find the adjacent mesh cells to a cell (topological search)

MeshConnectivityGraph compute all different connectivity graphs for a mesh

Triangulations & Decompositions

TriangulateMesh (updated) support for constrained and conforming triangulations

DelaunayMesh  (updated)   ▪  PolygonDecomposition  (updated)   ▪  PolyhedronDecomposition  (updated) 

DiscretizeRegion  (updated)   ▪  BoundaryDiscretizeRegion  (updated)   ▪  DiscretizeGraphics  (updated)   ▪  BoundaryDiscretizeGraphics  (updated) 

Region Programming

CanonicalizeRegion canonicalize the region representation

RegionConvert convert to implicit or parametric representations of regions

Robust Geometric Predicates »

PositivelyOrientedPoints test and condition for when points are positively oriented

CollinearPoints test and condition for when points are collinear

NegativelyOrientedPoints  ▪  CoplanarPoints

Geometry Formats »

"FBX" filmbox format for geometry game assets

"STL" (updated) now supports vertex colors, normals and textures

"X3D" (updated) now supports Import and new import elements

"3DS"  (updated)   ▪  "BYU"  (updated)   ▪  "JVX"  (updated)   ▪  "LWO"  (updated)   ▪  "VTK"  (updated)   ▪  "RIB"  (updated)   ▪  "OBJ"  (updated)   ▪  "PLY"  (updated)   ▪  "DXF"  (updated) 

Synthetic Geometry »

GeometricTest test whether geometric objects satisfy given properties or relations

GeometricScene (updated) new user interface with interactivity and multistep scenes

GeometricStep symbolic representation of a single step in a geometric scene

GeometricScene entities representing notable theorems and constructions

Graphs & Networks »

Graph (updated) directly converts from molecules, trees, entities, etc.

Collected Real-World Graphs »

ResourceData 220+ real-world graphs

"September 11 Terrorist Network"  ▪  "Zachary's Karate Club"  ▪  "Enron Email Network"  ▪    ▪  "Western Grid Power Network"

Graph Visualization

LayeredGraphPlot3D generalization of LayeredGraphPlot to layer planes in 3D

GeoGraphPlot  ▪  GeoGraphValuePlot  ▪  PlotTheme  (updated)   ▪  VertexLabels  (updated) 

GraphLayout (updated) new layouts and 20+ fully documented layout methods

"SphericalEmbedding"  ▪  "BalloonEmbedding"  ▪    ▪  "LayeredEmbedding"

Tagged Graphs

DirectedEdge, UndirectedEdge (updated) now support tags for identifying multi-edges

EdgeTaggedGraph simplified ways of creating tagged graphs

IndexEdgeTaggedGraph  ▪  EdgeTags  ▪  EdgeTaggedGraphQ

Graph Annotations

AnnotationKeys, AnnotationValue getting and setting annotation values for graphs

Annotate  ▪  Annotation  ▪  AnnotationDelete  ▪  AnnotationRules

Graph Isomorphisms

FindSubgraphIsomorphism find the subgraph isomorphism

FindIsomorphicSubgraph find the isomorphic subgraph

IsomorphicSubgraphQ  ▪  FindGraphIsomorphism  (updated)   ▪  IsomorphicGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  GraphAutomorphismGroup  (updated)   ▪  CanonicalGraph  (updated) 

VertexTransitiveGraphQ  ▪  EdgeTransitiveGraphQ

Graph Connectivity

FindMaximumCut find the maximum edge cut in a graph

VertexInComponentGraph the Graph of the VertexInComponent

VertexOutComponentGraph the Graph of the VertexOutComponent

VertexComponent  (updated)   ▪  VertexInComponent  (updated)   ▪  VertexOutComponent  (updated)   ▪  NeighborhoodGraph  (updated) 

Graph Coloring

FindVertexColoring find a minimal vertex coloring

FindEdgeColoring find a minimal edge coloring

VertexChromaticNumber  ▪  EdgeChromaticNumber  ▪  ChromaticPolynomial  (updated) 

Planar Graphs

FindPlanarColoring find face coloring for a planar graph layout

PlanarFaceList the faces of a planar graph layout

DualPlanarGraph the dual of a planar graph layout

Control Flow Graphs

DominatorTreeGraph the tree of immediate dominators

DominatorVertexList gives immediate dominators for each vertex

Geometric Graphs

MeshConnectivityGraph graph corresponding to connectivity structure of a mesh

FindSpanningTree (updated) now also works for a list of points

Expression Tree Graphs

ExpressionGraph graph corresponding to an expression tree

Trees »

Tree tree object with data and subtrees

TreeLayout  ▪  TreeElementStyle  ▪  TreeElementLabel

Construction and Representation »

RandomTree generate pseudorandom trees

RulesTree  ▪  ExpressionTree  ▪  GraphTree  ▪  ...

Properties and Measurements »

TreeData extract the data from a tree

TreeChildren extract the children from a tree

TreeSize  ▪  TreeDepth  ▪  TreeLeaves  ▪  TreeCases  ▪  TreeCount  ▪  TreeSelect

Position Based Operations

TreeInsert insert subtrees at the specified positions

TreeDelete delete subtrees at the specified positions

TreeMapAt  ▪  TreeReplacePart  ▪  TreePosition  ▪  TreeExtract  ▪  TreeLevel

Computation on Trees »

NestTree recursively build up a tree by applying a function to the leaves

TreeFold recursively reduce a tree to a single value

TreeMap traverse a tree, applying a function to each subtree

TreeScan  ▪  TreeTraversalOrder

Video Computation »

Video video as a first-class citizen to be used as input and output of functions

BitRate  ▪  ConformationMethod  ▪  Looping  ▪  AudioTrackSelection  ▪  SubtitleTrackSelection  ▪  VideoTrackSelection  ▪  GeneratedAssetFormat  ▪  GeneratedAssetLocation  ▪  $GeneratedAssetLocation  ▪  VideoQ

Video Creation »

SnippetsVideo create a short video summary by using snippets from a long video

TourVideo create a tour of a graphic or image by moving and zooming

SlideShowVideo create a slide show from still images and graphics

GridVideo  ▪  OverlayVideo  ▪  AnimationVideo  ▪  SlideShowVideo  ▪  FrameListVideo  ▪  VideoGenerator

Video Editing »

VideoTrim trim a video to extract a region of interest

VideoInsert  ▪  VideoReplace  ▪  VideoDelete  ▪  VideoJoin  ▪  VideoSplit  ▪  VideoCombine  ▪  VideoTimeStretch  ▪  VideoTranscode  ▪  AudioTrackApply

ImageResize (updated) image operations that now work on video frames as well

ImageTake  ▪  ImageTrim  ▪  ImageCrop  ▪  ImageResize  ▪  ImageRotate  ▪  ImageEffect  ▪  ImageTransformation  ▪  ImageForwardTransformation  ▪  ImagePerspectiveTransformation  ▪  ColorNegate  ▪  Darker  ▪  Lighter  ▪  ImageRecolor

Video Properties & Options

VideoFrameList, VideoExtractFrames extract video frames

Information  ▪  ImageDimensions  ▪  ImageChannels  ▪  ImageAspectRatio  ▪  AudioSampleRate  ▪  AudioChannels

Video Processing & Analysis

VideoIntervals find intervals of interest in a video

VideoFrameMap  ▪  VideoMap  ▪  VideoMapList  ▪  VideoMapTimeSeries

Machine Learning Integration

NetModel pretrained video models from the Wolfram Neural Net Repository

FeatureExtractor video feature extractor

"VideoFrames" video frames net encoder

Programmatic Video Playback & Capture

VideoRecord record video from connected cameras and displays

VideoStream  ▪  VideoPlay  ▪  VideoPause  ▪  VideoStop  ▪  VideoStreams  ▪  RemoveVideoStream

Video Formats »

"MP4" MP4 video format

"Ogg"  ▪  "Matroska"  ▪  "QuickTime"  (updated)   ▪  "AVI"  (updated)   ▪  "VideoFormat"

Encoders & Decoders for Video Formats

VideoEncoding, AudioEncoding, SubtitleEncoding specify the codec to use

$VideoEncoders  ▪  $VideoDecoders  ▪  $AudioEncoders  ▪  $AudioDecoders  ▪  $SubtitleEncoders  ▪  $SubtitleDecoders

Image Computation »

Image Creation »

AnimatedImage create and represent animated images from files or a list of images

HighlightImage  (updated)   ▪  Rasterize  (updated)   ▪  $ImageResolution

RandomImage  (updated)   ▪  LinearGradientImage  (updated)   ▪  RadialGradientImage  (updated)   ▪  ImageReflect  (updated) 

Image Geometry »

ImageStitch stitch together a list of images

ImageKeypoints  (updated)   ▪  ImageCorrespondingPoints  (updated)   ▪  FindGeometricTransform  (updated)   ▪  ImageAlign  (updated) 

Color Processing »

RemoveAlphaChannel (updated) now accepts color directives

SetAlphaChannel  (updated)   ▪  AlphaChannel  (updated)   ▪  ColorConvert  (updated)   ▪  ColorSeparate  (updated) 

RGBColor (updated) now can be used directly for color conversion

GrayLevel  (updated)   ▪  Hue  (updated)   ▪  CMYKColor  (updated)   ▪  XYZColor  (updated)   ▪  LABColor  (updated)   ▪  LCHColor  (updated)   ▪  LUVColor  (updated) 

Text & Face Analysis

FindImageText detect text in an image

FaceRecognize recognize faces in an image based on a few samples

FaceAlign  ▪  FindFaces  (updated)   ▪  FacialFeatures  (updated) 


ImageWaveformPlot  ▪  ImageVectorscopePlot

Audio & Signal Computation »

Audio (updated) better optimized GUI, support for local and cloud objects

AudioInstanceQ test whether audio contains a particular object, e.g. a dog

AudioJoin  (updated)   ▪  AudioStream  (updated)   ▪  AudioCapture  (updated)   ▪  AudioRecord  ▪  AudioReverse

Speech Computation »

SpeechInterpreter interpret a speech recording into computable objects

SpeechCases find objects such as cities and countries in a speech recording

AudioIntervals (updated) find intervals where there is speech

PitchRecognize  (updated)   ▪  AudioPitchShift  (updated)   ▪  AudioTimeStretch  (updated)   ▪  AudioLocalMeasurements  (updated) 

SpeakerMatchQ whether speakers in different recordings match

FeatureExtractor (updated) extract speaker features

Signal Processing »

FindPeaks (updated), PeakDetect (updated) improved performance and quality

Machine Learning »

Explainability of Classifiers and Predictors

ClassifierMeasurements (updated) "SHAPPlots" and "ICEPlots" properties provide explainability for classification and prediction

PredictorMeasurements  (updated)   ▪  ClassifierFunction  (updated)   ▪  PredictorFunction  (updated) 

Handling Anomalies and Missing Values

AnomalyDetector specify anomaly detector in classifiers and predictors

MissingValueSynthesis specify missing value synthesis in classifiers and predictors

Classify  (updated)   ▪  Predict  (updated) 

Feature Extraction & Dimension Reduction

FeatureExtraction (updated) support for graph, time series and video

DimensionReduction (updated) new and updated methods

"UMAP"  ▪  "MultidimensionalScaling"  ▪  "Hadamard"  ▪  ...

Classification and Prediction

RecalibrationFunction control calibration for classifiers and predictors

CategoricalDistribution categorical distribution often generated from classification

"LanguageExtended" built-in language classifier for 750+ languages

"ClassDistributions" method for classification

Clustering Methods

"SpanningTree" updated and documented clustering methods

"Agglomerate"  ▪  "DBSCAN"  ▪  "JarvisPatrick"  ▪  "KMeans"  ▪  "KMedoids"  ▪  "MeanShift"  ▪  "NeighborhoodContraction"  ▪  "Spectral"

Neural Networks »

Content Detectors

TextCases (updated) improved model for entity recognition

TrainImageContentDetector efficiently train a custom image content detector

TrainTextContentDetector efficiently train a custom text content detector

ContentDetectorFunction content detector function for repeated use

Network Training

NetEncoder (updated) support for Video and FeatureExtractor methods

NetGANOperator support for generative adversarial network (GAN) training

NetTrain  (updated)   ▪  TrainingUpdateSchedule  ▪  LearningRateMultipliers  (updated)    ▪  NetDecoder  (updated) 

Network Surgery

NetUnfold extract a repeating operation in a folded net

FlattenLayer  (updated)   ▪  NetJoin  (updated) 

Network Layers »

FunctionLayer net layer from a Wolfram Language function

CompiledLayer net layer from arbitrary compilable code with automatic differentiation

PlaceholderLayer  ▪  ParametricRampLayer  ▪  RandomArrayLayer  ▪  ...

Import & Export

"ONNX" Import and Export of "ONNX" neural networks

Wolfram Neural Net Repository »

NetModel new networks for video action classification, image keypoints, etc.

"MobileNet-3D Video Actions"  ▪  "D2-Net Keypoints"  ▪  ...

Spatial Statistics »

Continuous Spatial Estimation »

SpatialEstimate gives a function that can be used to estimate values

VariogramFunction  ▪  SpatialTrendFunction  ▪  SpatialNoiseLevel  ▪  SpatialEstimatorFunction

VariogramModel symbolic model of a variogram

EstimatedVariogramModel model-based variogram estimation

BinnedVariogramList binned variogram estimation

Spatial Point Collections »

SpatialPointData create and represent spatial point data with observation region

SpatialBinnedPointData represent aggregated point data with any region partition

ResourceData spatial point datasets from a variety of sources

RandomPointConfiguration simulate a point process to give a point collection

SpatialPointSelect  ▪  SpatialObservationRegionQ  ▪  RipleyRassonRegion

Location Measures

Mean  ▪  SpatialMedian  ▪  CentralFeature

Density Measures

MeanPointDensity average number of points per area, volume, etc.

PointDensity varying point density function

HistogramPointDensity  ▪  SmoothPointDensity  ▪  PointDensityFunction

Counting Measures

PointCountDistribution the distribution of point counts for any region

Homogeneity Measures »

RipleyK expected number of points within distance r of each point

EmptySpaceF probability of finding another point within distance r of any location

NearestNeighborG probability of finding another point within distance r of a point

PairCorrelationG probability density of finding another point at distance of a point

BesagL  ▪  SpatialJ  ▪  ...

Hypothesis Tests

SpatialRandomnessTest test whether data is uniformly distributed

PointProcessFitTest test whether data follows a point process

Spatial Point Processes »

RandomPointConfiguration simulate a point process to give a point collection

EstimatedPointProcess estimate a point process from spatial point configurations

PointProcessFitTest test whether data follows a point process

FindPointProcessParameters  ▪  PointProcessParameterQ  ▪  PointProcessEstimator

Independent Point Processes

PoissonPointProcess constant density function, definition of "spatially random"

InhomogeneousPoissonPointProcess varying density function

BinomialPointProcess uniform distribution of n points

Interaction Point Processes

HardcorePointProcess hard-core with no point interaction within radius

StraussPointProcess soft-core with limited point interaction within radius

StraussHardcorePointProcess  ▪  PenttinenPointProcess  ▪  DiggleGrattonPointProcess  ▪  DiggleGatesPointProcess  ▪  GibbsPointProcess

Clustered Point Processes

MaternPointProcess cluster process with uniform (daughter) pattern in disk (isotropic)

ThomasPointProcess cluster process with normal (daughter) pattern (isotropic)

CauchyPointProcess  ▪  VarianceGammaPointProcess  ▪  NeymanScottPointProcess

Date & Time »

DateObject (updated) extended range of formats and improved performance

FromDateString parsing date strings using locales, time zones and more

DateString (updated) generating date strings using locales and extended formats

Time Zones & Localization

TimeZoneOffset (updated) can handle repeated dates during daylight saving transitions

Entity (updated) "LanguageLocale" as a new domain to support date locales


CalendarData (updated) major update and support for 40 new calendars

LeapVariant mark leap months, leap weeks or other leap elements of a date

"Gregorian"  ▪  "Julian"  ▪    ▪  "OldHinduSolar"  ▪  "WesternBahai"

Date & Time Computation

DateInterval an object representing an interval of time

MinDate  ▪  MaxDate  ▪  InfinitePast  ▪  InfiniteFuture

DateSelect select dates from intervals or lists

DatePlus  (updated)   ▪  DateDifference  (updated) 

Date & Time Visualization »

DateScale date or time scales used for scaling and ticks in plots

ScalingFunctions option that enables any axis to be a date or time scale

Astronomical Time

TimeSystem option that sets time system (atomic, solar, etc.) used

SolarTime true time and mean time measured by following the Sun

SiderealTime (updated) true time and mean time measured by following the stars

TimeSystemConvert  ▪  GeoOrientationData  ▪  DateObject  (updated)   ▪  JulianDate  (updated) 

Geography »

GeoGraphics (updated) now supports crisp vector labels, and optionally vector backgrounds

Geo Options

GeoRange (updated) new default, displaying world maps

GeoBackground (updated) support for a list of overlaid geo backgrounds

Epilog (updated) can now support geo primitives

Geo Primitives

GeoPolygon a polygon on the surface of the Earth

GeoVisibleRegion, GeoVisibleRegionBoundary (updated) support multi-locations

GeoBoundary  ▪  GeoBoundsRegionBoundary

Geo Projection Regions in Geometry

Polygon (updated) polygons of GeoGridPosition are now region objects; allows computation on the map of projected regions

Point  ▪  Line  ▪  Area  ▪  RegionCentroid  ▪  RegionDistance  ▪  ...

Geo Ellipsoid Regions in Geometry

Polygon (updated) polygons of GeoPosition are now region objects; allows computation on the geo ellipsoid

Point  ▪  Line  ▪  Area  ▪  RegionCentroid  ▪  RegionDistance  ▪  ...

Molecular Structure & Computation »

MoleculeName find the name for a molecule

MoleculeRecognize recognize a molecule from an image

MoleculeValue (updated) additional properties including support for ExternalIdentifier objects like CAS, ChEMBL, ChemSpider and PubChem

Chemical Formulas

ChemicalFormula symbolic representation for a chemical

FindIsomers find distinct molecules with the same chemical formula

Chemical Reactions

ChemicalReaction representation for a chemical reaction

ReactionBalance computes a chemically balanced reaction

ReactionBalancedQ checks if the given chemical reaction is balanced

Molecular Visualizations & Annotations

MoleculePlot (updated) support for labeling and styling atoms and bonds

MoleculeDraw sketch a molecule and interpret it

AtomLabels  ▪  AtomLabelStyle  ▪  BondLabels

MoleculeAlign align molecules in 3D

Molecular Substructures

MoleculeSubstructureCount count occurrences of a molecule substructure

MoleculeMaximumCommonSubstructure identify substructures common to molecules

MoleculeFreeQ checks molecule for the absence of substructures

MoleculeMatchQ checks if a molecule matches the given pattern

MoleculeModify (updated) additional molecule modification methods

Chemical Formats »

"Cube" stores electronic orbital or density values on a three-dimensional grid

"CML" chemical markup language

"CDX", "CDXML" ChemDraw exchange format

"GaussianLog", "FCHK" electronic structure software output files

"PDB"  (updated)   ▪  "CIF"  (updated)   ▪  "HIN"  (updated) 

Biomolecular Sequences »

Bio Sequence Representation & Visualization

BioSequence a string-based representation for chained biomolecules such as DNA

BioSequenceQ test for a valid biomolecular sequence

BioSequencePlot creates schematic diagrams for biomolecular sequences

Bio Sequence Conversion

BioSequenceTranscribe transcribe a DNA sequence to RNA or the reverse

BioSequenceTranslate translate a DNA/RNA sequence to peptides

BioSequenceComplement get the complement of a DNA sequence (AT, CG)

BioSequenceReverseComplement  ▪  BioSequenceBackTranslateList  ▪  BioSequenceInstances  ▪  BioSequenceModify

Bio Sequence Comparison

SequenceAlignment (updated) determine the alignment between two sequences

SmithWatermanSimilarity (updated) count matches in the best local alignment

NeedlemanWunschSimilarity (updated) count matches in the best global alignment

EditDistance  (updated)    ▪  DamerauLevenshteinDistance  (updated)    ▪  HammingDistance  (updated)    ▪  SimilarityRules  (updated)  

Bio Subsequence Computation

LongestCommonSequence (updated) find the longest shared disjoint sequence

LongestCommonSequencePositions (updated) find sequence positions

LongestCommonSubsequence  (updated)    ▪  LongestCommonSubsequencePositions  (updated)   ▪  Subsequences  (updated) 

PDE Modeling »

Basic Building Blocks

Partial differential equations of the form

DiffusionPDETerm model diffusion with

ConvectionPDETerm model convection with

ReactionPDETerm model reaction with

SourcePDETerm model a source with

ConservativeConvectionPDETerm model conservative convection with

DerivativePDETerm model a derivative of a term with

Named Partial Differential Equation Terms

LaplacianPDETerm model with

PoissonPDEComponent model with

HelmholtzPDEComponent model with

WavePDEComponent model with

Acoustic PDE Components »

AcousticPDEComponent model acoustics in the time or frequency domains

AcousticAbsorbingValue  ▪  AcousticImpedanceValue  ▪  AcousticNormalVelocityValue  ▪  AcousticPressureCondition  ▪  AcousticRadiationValue  ▪  AcousticSoundHardValue  ▪  AcousticSoundSoftCondition

Acoustics in the Time Domain monograph about modeling acoustics in the time domain

Acoustics in the Frequency Domain monograph about modeling acoustics in the frequency domain

Heat Transfer PDE Components »

HeatTransferPDEComponent model heat transfer

HeatFluxValue  ▪  HeatInsulationValue  ▪  HeatOutflowValue  ▪  HeatRadiationValue  ▪  HeatSymmetryValue  ▪  HeatTemperatureCondition  ▪  HeatTransferValue

Heat Transfer monograph about modeling heat transfer

Heat Transfer Model Verification test suite with heat transfer model verification

Mass Transport PDE Components »

MassTransportPDEComponent model mass transport

MassConcentrationCondition  ▪  MassFluxValue  ▪  MassImpermeableBoundaryValue  ▪  MassOutflowValue  ▪  MassSymmetryValue  ▪  MassTransferValue

Mass Transport monograph about modeling mass transport

Solid Mechanics PDE Components »

SolidMechanicsPDEComponent model solid mechanics

SolidMechanicsStrain  ▪  SolidMechanicsStress  ▪  SolidFixedCondition  ▪  SolidDisplacementCondition  ▪  SolidBoundaryLoadValue

Solid Mechanics monograph about modeling solid mechanics

Solid Mechanics Model Verification test suite with solid mechanics model verification

Systems Modeling & Control Systems

Controller Design for System Models »

StateFeedbackGains (updated) now directly works for SystemModel models

StateFeedbackGains (updated) now supports both tracking and regulation

LQRegulatorGains  (updated)   ▪  LQOutputRegulatorGains  (updated)   ▪  DiscreteLQRegulatorGains  (updated)   ▪  EstimatorRegulator  (updated)   ▪  LQGRegulator  (updated)   ▪  PIDTune  (updated) 

SystemsModelControllerData generated from control design functions with rich data needed to connect and analyze the closed-loop system

System Modeling for Controller Design »

ConnectSystemModelController connect a controller back into a SystemModel

SystemModel (updated) improved model diagrams and icons based on vector graphics

Microcontroller Kit for Deploying Controllers »

MicrocontrollerEmbedCode (updated) 36 new target microcontrollers including all Arduino and many Adafruit and SparkFun boards

"ArduinoZero"  ▪  "ArduinoMKRZero"  ▪  "ArduinoNano33IoT"  ▪  "ArduinoMKRWiFi1000"  ▪  "ArduinoMKRWiFi1010"  ▪  "ArduinoMKRWAN1300"  ▪  "ArduinoMKRWAN1310"  ▪  "ArduinoMKRNB1500"  ▪  "ArduinoMKRGSM1400"  ▪  "ArduinoMKRFOX1200"  ▪  "ArduinoMKRVidor4000"  ▪  "AdafruitFeatherM0BasicProto"  ▪  "AdafruitFeatherM0Express"  ▪  "AdafruitMetroM0Express"  ▪  "AdafruitCircuitPlaygroundExpress"  ▪  "AdafruitGemmaM0"  ▪  "AdafruitTrinketM0"  ▪  "AdafruitItsyBitsyM0"  ▪  "AdafruitHallowingM0"  ▪  "AdafruitMetroM4"  ▪  "AdafruitGrandCentralM4"  ▪  "AdafruitItsyBitsyM4"  ▪  "AdafruitFeatherM4Express"  ▪  "AdafruitMetroM4AirLift"  ▪  "AdafruitHallowingM4"  ▪  "AdafruitMonsterM4SK"  ▪  "SparkFunSAMD21DevBreakout"  ▪  "SparkFunSAMD21MiniBreakout"  ▪  "SparkFunLilyPadLilyMini"  ▪  "SparkFun9DoFRazorIMUM0"  ▪  "SparkFunProRF"  ▪  "SparkFunRedBoardTurbo"  ▪  "SparkFunQwiicMicro"  ▪  "MSP432P401RLaunchPad"  ▪  "ArduinoMega2560"  ▪  "ArduinoDue"

User Interface

Notebook Interface

Automatic hyperlinking of URIs in text cells

Insert Hyperlink redesigned interface for inserting and editing hyperlinks

Insert Inline TeX Input type TeX into a notebook and automatically typeset it

Wolfram|Alpha notebook support for 2D typesetting input

Completely redesigned Wolfram Cloud file browser for opening and saving files

Automatically Entering Paired Delimiters workflow for typing paired delimiters into code

ClickToCopy represent a button that copies its contents when clicked

Canvas display a canvas that supports interactive free-form drawing

AttachCell attach a floating cell to content in a notebook window

TemplateBox support for associations and controls

Data Manipulation & Visualization

TableView spreadsheet-like editor for tabular data

Dataset (updated) additional support for appearance and styling

DatasetTheme themes for displaying Dataset objects

HeaderAlignment  ▪  HeaderBackground  ▪  HeaderDisplayFunction  ▪  HeaderSize  ▪  HeaderStyle  ▪  HiddenItems  ▪  ItemDisplayFunction

Question & Answer Interfaces

QuestionObject symbol representation of a quiz-style question

QuestionInterface interface specification for answering questions

AssessmentFunction assess correctness of answers to questions

AssessmentResultObject representation of an assessment

Options & Settings

DelimiterAutoMatching whether to match delimiters as they are typed

AutoOperatorRenderings automatic renderings for operator strings

AutoMultiplicationSymbol (updated) finer-grained control for auto multiplication

Initialization (updated) added support for code initialization in notebooks and cells

$PasswordFile location of the file containing passwords and activation keys

$NotebookInlineStorageLimit setting for limiting the amount of data stored in compactly displayed expressions

DynamicUpdating  ▪  VersionedPreferences  ▪  $WolframDocumentsDirectory

Operating System Support

Windows and Linux notebook interface updated with HiDPI support

Windows 3D graphics rendering updated from Direct3D 9 to Direct3D 11

macOS 3D graphics rendering updated to use Metal API

Native support for Apple Silicon (M1) chip on macOS

Code Compilation & Data Structures

Code Compilation »

FunctionCompile (updated) support for built-in data structures, multiple functions, function declarations, cross-compilation and embedded libraries

FunctionCompileExport (updated)  ▪  FunctionCompileExportLibrary (updated)  ▪  FunctionCompileExportByteArray (updated)  ▪  FunctionCompileExportString (updated)

$TargetSystems a list of platforms supported for compilations and cross-compilations

FunctionDeclaration declaration of a function to use in function compilation

CreateCompilerEnvironment create a new environment of compilation definitions

CompilerEnvironment  ▪  $CompilerEnvironment  ▪  CompilerEnvironmentAppendTo  ▪  CompilerEnvironmentObject

Compiled Types »

Typed (updated) support for new data structures and strings

"Integer128" a 128-bit machine integer type

"UnsignedInteger128" a 128-bit machine integer type

"SparseArray" a sparse array composite type

Data Structures »

CreateDataStructure create an individual instance of a data structure

DataStructure  ▪  DataStructureQ  ▪  $DataStructures

"Stack" a mutable stack of expressions

"Queue" a mutable queue of expressions

"KDTree" a k-d tree spatial subdivision for sets of points in d

"Value"  ▪  "Counter"  ▪  "DynamicArray"  ▪  "FixedArray"  ▪  "ExtensibleVector"  ▪  "ImmutableVector"  ▪  "DoublyLinkedList"  ▪  "LinkedList"  ▪  "RingBuffer"  ▪  "Deque"  ▪  "PriorityQueue"  ▪  "BloomFilter"  ▪  "BitVector"  ▪  "HashSet"  ▪  "OrderedHashSet"  ▪  "DisjointSet"  ▪  "SortedMultiset"  ▪  "BinaryTree"  ▪  "AVLTree"  ▪  "HashTable"  ▪  "OrderedHashTable"  ▪  "LeastRecentlyUsedCache"  ▪  "ByteTrie"

Functions Enhanced by the Compiler

Tree  ▪  SquareWave  ▪  SawtoothWave  ▪  TriangleWave  ▪  BrayCurtisDistance  ▪  EuclideanDistance  ▪  JaccardDissimilarity  ▪  CoordinateBounds  ▪  CoordinateBoundingBox  ▪  Around

Cryptography & Blockchains

Cryptography »

Encrypt, EncryptFile (updated) support for Method option, and "BlockMode" and "InitializationVector" options

EncryptedObject (updated) support for cipher, block mode and encryption padding

SecurityCertificate representation of a public-key security certificate

SecuredAuthenticationKey (updated) support for OAuth 2.0.

PublicKey (updated) compute public key from private key

PrivateKey (updated) construct private key directly from known values

Digital Signatures

DigitalSignature (updated) support for RSA signature

GenerateFileSignature digitally sign a file

VerifyFileSignature verify a digital file signature

"PEM" Privacy-Enhanced Mail format for storing cryptographic keys and certificates

Elliptic Curves

$CryptographicEllipticCurveNames list of supported elliptic curves for key generation

GenerateAsymmetricKeyPair (updated)  ▪  GenerateDigitalSignature (updated) support for more elliptic curve algorithms

PrivateKey (updated)  ▪  PublicKey (updated) support for more elliptic curve algorithms

Blockchains »

BlockchainData support for ARK blockchain »

BlockchainData support for Cardano blockchain »

BlockchainData support for Tezos blockchain »

Paclet System »

PacletObject a handle to a paclet on the local system or on a remote site

PacletInstall install or update a paclet

PacletInstallSubmit install or update a paclet asynchronously

PacletUninstall uninstall and delete a paclet

PacletFind find installed paclets

PacletFindRemote find paclets available for download from paclet sites

PacletDisable  ▪  PacletEnable  ▪  $UserBasePacletsDirectory

Paclet Site Management

PacletSiteObject representation of a server hosting a repository of paclets

PacletSites the list of known paclet sites from which paclets can be obtained

PacletSiteUpdate retrieve the latest information about available paclets

PacletSiteRegister  ▪  PacletSiteUnregister

Paclet Development

CreatePacletArchive compress a paclet directory into a single archive file

PacletDirectoryLoad for the current session, load paclets from a given directory

PacletDirectoryUnload for the current session, unload paclets from a given directory

PacletDataRebuild rebuild the cache of data about all installed paclets

Importing & Exporting »

FileFormatProperties access file format properties such as mime types, elements, etc.

FileFormatQ  ▪  FileFormat  (updated)   ▪  Import  (updated)   ▪  StringFormatQ  ▪  ByteArrayFormatQ  ▪  ImportedObject

SetFileFormatProperties  ▪  FileNameToFormatList  ▪  MIMETypeToFormatList

Document Formats »

"PDF" (updated) significant performance improvement and many new elements

Raster Formats »

"HEIF" raster and animation format commonly used on smartphones

"OpenEXR" (updated) significant design and performance improvement

"DICOM"  (updated)   ▪  "DICOMDIR"  ▪  "JPEG"  (updated)   ▪  "PNG"  (updated)   ▪  "WebP"  (updated)   ▪  "TIFF"  (updated)   ▪  "Raw"  (updated)   ▪  "RLE"  (updated) 

Video & Audio Formats »

"MP4" complete support for MP4 files and several codecs

"WAV" (updated) now supports large .wav files

"QuickTime"  (updated)   ▪  "AVI"  (updated)   ▪  "Matroska"  (updated)   ▪  "Ogg"  (updated)   ▪  "FLV"  (updated)   ▪  "VideoFormat"

Statistics & Scientific Formats »

"SAS7BDAT" new support for SAS statistical data file format

"DTA"  ▪  "POR"  ▪  "SAV"  ▪  "XPORT"  (updated)   ▪  "NetCDF"  (updated)   ▪  "MAT"  (updated) 

Tabular Formats »

"XLS" (updated), "XLSX" (updated) new support for datasets in export

Mail Formats »

"MBOX" (updated) now supports thread analysis elements

"EML" (updated) more detailed attachment support

Wolfram Language »

"WL" Wolfram Language package source format

Archive Formats »

"7z" 7z archive format

"ISO"  ▪  "RAR"  ▪  "ZSTD"  ▪  "TAR"  (updated)   ▪  "ZIP"  (updated)   ▪  "GZIP"  (updated)   ▪  "BZIP2"  (updated) 

CreateArchive (updated), ExtractArchive (updated) performance improvements

CompressionLevel option to control compression level for archives, images, etc.

Cryptography Formats

"PEM" Privacy-Enhanced Mail format for storing cryptographic keys and certificates

External Services & Operations

ExternalEvaluate (updated) support for Julia, Ruby, R, Java, Octave, SQL and system shells

Remote Evaluation

RemoteEvaluate evaluate code on remote machines


Remote Batch Computation

RemoteBatchSubmit submit a single batch job to a batch computation provider

RemoteBatchMapSubmit map a function over the elements of a list using batch submission

RemoteBatchJobObject symbolic representation of a remote batch job

RemoteBatchSubmissionEnvironment symbolic representation of a provider-specific configuration

$DefaultRemoteBatchSubmissionEnvironment  ▪  RemoteBatchJobs  ▪  RemoteBatchJobAbort  ▪  RemoteInputFiles  ▪  RemoteProviderSettings

Wolfram Language Kernel Management

wstpserver manage a pool of Wolfram Language kernels for incoming WSTP connections

External Data & Knowledgebase

WikidataData retrieve data from Wikidata SPARQL endpoint

WikidataSearch interface to Wikidata search API

ExternalIdentifier resource identifier for external identifier systems

$ExternalIdentifierTypes available external identifier systems (e.g. "WikidataID", "ArXivID", "DOI", etc.)

External Storage Services

ExternalStorageObject reference to a file on an external storage service (e.g. IPFS, Dropbox and Amazon S3)

ExternalStorageUpload upload a file to an external storage service

ExternalStorageDownload download a file from an external storage service

ExternalStoragePut  ▪  ExternalStorageGet  ▪  $ExternalStorageBase  ▪  ExternalStorageBase

DatabinSubmit add data to a databin asynchronously


UnionedEntityClass entity class representing the union of multiple entity classes

IntersectedEntityClass entity class representing the intersection of multiple entity classes

ComplementedEntityClass entity class representing the complement of multiple entity classes

"MicrosoftSQL"  ▪  "MySQL"  ▪  "Oracle"  ▪  "PostgreSQL"  ▪  "SQLite"  ▪  SameTestProperties


MailSearch (updated) cached results for faster results

MailExecute (updated) additional IMAP operations (e.g. "Upload", "Download", etc.)

System & License Management

CreateLicenseEntitlement create an entitlement to run a Wolfram Engine

LicenseEntitlementObject symbolic representation of a license entitlement

LicenseEntitlements  ▪  LicensingSettings  ▪  ForwardCloudCredentials