represents a chemical reaction between the given reactants and products.


  • reactants and products may be given as lists, {chem1, chem2,} or associations of chemicals and amounts <|chemini,|> where possible forms for chemi include:
  • ChemicalFormula[]an entity with the given formula
    Molecule[]a molecule
    Entity[]a "Chemical", "Element" or "Particle" entity
    EntityInstance[,"Phase""phase"]a chemical species with a given phase
  • ChemicalReaction["A + B C + D"] will attempt to interpret the input string, creating Molecule or ChemicalFormula objects when possible.
  • A ChemicalReaction object need not be balanced; elements may appear on only one side or the other of the reaction. Use ReactionBalance to return a balanced reaction.
  • ChemicalReaction[]["prop"] returns the value of "prop" for a given ChemicalReaction.
  • Possible values for "prop" include:
  • "Reactants"list of reactants
    "ReactantCounts"an Association of reactantini
    "Products"list of products
    "ProductCounts"an Association of productini
    "EquationDisplay"a display form of the reaction
    "EquationString"a string form of the reaction
    "ReverseReaction"a ChemicalReaction with the reactants and products swapped


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Basic Examples  (2)

Create a chemical reaction:

Find out if the reaction is balanced:

Create a balanced form of the reaction:

Create a balanced chemical reaction:

Obtain a display form of the reaction:

Get a string form of the reaction:

Scope  (2)

Create a chemical reaction from a string:

Get the counts of reactants:

Create a reaction for the solvation of sodium hydroxide:

Reverse the reaction:

Applications  (1)

Visualize a combustion reaction using 3D graphics:

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