represents an on-demand license entitlement.


gives the entitlement object representing the entitlement specified by id.


  • An on-demand license entitlement is linked to its owner's Wolfram account and can be used to activate one or more Wolfram Engine kernels, within the limits specified at the time it was created.
  • Wolfram Engine kernels activated using on-demand licensing communicate regularly with the Wolfram license server in order to monitor usage.
  • On-demand license usage is charged against the entitlement owner's Service Credits balance on a pay-as-you go basis.
  • LicenseEntitlementObject[][prop] returns a property of the entitlement.
  • The available properties of an entitlement can be queried with LicenseEntitlementObject[]["Properties"].
  • General entitlement properties include:
  • "ActiveQ"True if the entitlement is accessible and unexpired
    "CreationDate"date the entitlement was created
    "CreditsSpent"number of credits spent by kernels launched using the entitlement
    "EntitlementID"string identifying the entitlement
    "ExpirationDate"date the entitlement expires
    "LicenseExpirationDuration"how long licenses created using the entitlement can run
    "PolicyID"license policy ID
    "PolicyName"human-readable license policy name, or None if not available
  • Properties related to standard kernels:
  • "StandardKernelActiveCount"number of running regular kernels using the entitlement
    "StandardKernelCost"cost for regular kernels licensed using the entitlement
    "StandardKernelLimit"maximum number of concurrent regular kernels
  • Properties related to parallel subkernels:
  • "ParallelKernelActiveCount"number of running subkernels using the entitlement
    "ParallelKernelCost"cost for subkernels licensed using the entitlement
    "ParallelKernelLimit"maximum number of concurrent subkernels
  • An entitlement object or entitlement ID can be supplied to RemoteBatchSubmit and similar functions via the LicensingSettings option.
  • WolframScript can be launched with on-demand licensing by supplying an entitlement ID to the -entitlement flag.
  • A LicenseEntitlementObject can be deleted with DeleteObject.


Basic Examples  (2)

Create an entitlement:

Access properties of the entitlement:

Delete the entitlement:

Obtain an entitlement object from an entitlement ID:

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