submits expr for evaluation using the remote batch submission environment env.


submits expr for evaluation using $DefaultRemoteBatchSubmissionEnvironment.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (2)

Submit a batch job to a batch computation provider:

Retrieve the result of the job:

Submit a batch job including a local input file, uploaded under the name "MyFile.jpg":

Scope  (1)

Submit a batch job using the default remote submission environment:

Options  (6)

ForwardCloudCredentials  (1)

Submit a job using the "AWSBatch" provider, for which the default setting of the ForwardCloudCredentials option is True:

Override the default and disable credential forwarding:

IncludeDefinitions  (1)

By default, definitions of symbols lexically relevant for the evaluation of the job expression are copied into the remote session:

Disable the automatic inclusion of definitions:

LicensingSettings  (1)

Activate the kernel in a remote batch job using an automatically created on-demand license entitlement with custom settings:

RemoteInputFiles  (1)

Submit a batch job using a local file and a byte array as input files:

The two input files were automatically downloaded into the remote session's working directory (along with the system-generated file containing the job code):

RemoteProviderSettings  (1)

Submit a job with settings for the "AWSBatch" provider specifying how many vCPUs (processor cores) to allocate to the job container:

TimeConstraint  (1)

Submit a job with a timeout:

The "AWSBatch" provider supplies an additional "JobStatusReason" job property indicating the reason for the job's failure:

Possible Issues  (1)

Using the default on-demand licensing settings, RemoteBatchSubmit will refuse to submit a job if your Service Credits balance is insufficient to create a license entitlement based on the job processor count and TimeConstraint:

Reduce the number of processor cores and/or the TimeConstraint:

Alternatively, you may override the balance check by supplying the "CheckCreditsBalance"False entitlement setting to the LicensingSettings option:

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