is an option for remote evaluation and submission functions that specifies whether Wolfram Cloud credentials from the local session should be copied into remote sessions.


  • With ForwardCloudCredentialsTrue, functions such as RemoteBatchSubmit and RemoteBatchMapSubmit will automatically transfer the local session's Wolfram Cloud credentials into remote sessions so that code running within each remote session can access and create resources in the user's cloud account.
  • With ForwardCloudCredentialsFalse, remote sessions are responsible for authenticating to the cloud manually, such as by using CloudConnect.
  • Some batch computation providers may not support the setting ForwardCloudCredentialsTrue.
  • When used with RemoteBatchSubmit and RemoteBatchMapSubmit, the value of ForwardCloudCredentials generally defaults to Automatic, which corresponds to True if the provider being used supports forwarding of cloud credentials or False if the provider does not.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Submit a remote batch job using the "AWSBatch" provider, for which the default setting of the ForwardCloudCredentials option is True:

Override the default and disable credential forwarding:

Possible Issues  (1)

Some batch computation providers do not support forwarding of cloud credentials:

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