Remote Batch Jobs

The Wolfram Language supplies a framework for submitting asynchronous jobs to batch computation providers and subsequently querying submitted jobs for their status and results.

Submitting Jobs

RemoteBatchSubmit submit a single batch job to a batch computation provider

RemoteBatchMapSubmit map a function over the elements of a list using batch submission

Job and Environment Representation

RemoteBatchJobObject symbolic representation of a remote batch job

RemoteBatchSubmissionEnvironment symbolic representation of provider-specific configuration

$DefaultRemoteBatchSubmissionEnvironment default environment to use when submitting jobs

Job Control

RemoteBatchJobs query a provider for a list of submitted jobs

RemoteBatchJobAbort abort a queued or running job

Job Submission Options

ForwardCloudCredentials  ▪  IncludeDefinitions  ▪  Initialization  ▪  LicensingSettings  ▪  RemoteInputFiles  ▪  Method  ▪  RemoteProviderSettings  ▪  TimeConstraint

Batch Computation Providers

"AWSBatch"  ▪  "AzureBatch"  ▪  "CharityEngine"