Listing of Supported External Services

The Wolfram Language has built-in support for a growing number of external services. Some of these services are freely accessible to all Wolfram Language users; others require separate authorization from service providers.

$Services supported external services

Social Media

"Twitter" send tweets and query the Twitter network

"LinkedIn" post updates and query the LinkedIn network

"Reddit" get threads and comments from Reddit


"Twilio" send SMS and MMS messages

"Pushbullet" push messages, images, and files to other devices

Storage Services

"Dropbox" send and retrieve files from Dropbox

"Flickr" search and retrieve images from Flickr users or galleries

Business Services

"GoogleAnalytics" retrieve and analyze website traffic data

"SurveyMonkey" retrieve and analyze online survey responses

"MailChimp" get information about email campaigns and subscription lists

"Mixpanel" analyze data on user interaction with web and mobile applications

Cloud Computing

"AWS" interact with Amazon Web Services APIs

"CharityEngine" run compute jobs on a global network of volunteer devices

RemoteBatchSubmit, ... run Wolfram Language batch jobs on cloud compute services

Chat & Generative Model Services

"OpenAI" speech, image, text computation with OpenAI

"GoogleSpeech" speech synthesis and recognition using GoogleSpeech

"ElevenLabs" speech synthesis and recognition using ElevenLabs

"Anthropic" chat and other text computation with Anthropic

"PaLM" chat and other text computation with PaLM

Personal Information

"GoogleCalendar" retrieve data on calendars and events

"GoogleContacts" retrieve data on contact groups and individual contacts

Publication Search

"OpenLibrary" search for information on published books

"PubMed" search for information on biomedical publications

"ArXiv" search for information on electronic preprints of scientific papers

"CrossRef" search for content from scientific and professional publishers

Web Search

WebSearch integrated web search

WebImageSearch integrated web image search

"BingSearch" get web, image, and news search results from Bing

"GoogleCustomSearch" get web search results from Google

Business Search

"Yelp" search for businesses

"Factual" search for local points of interest

Wikipedia-Related Material

WikipediaData  ▪  WikipediaSearch

WikidataData  ▪  WikidataSearch

Language Translation

TextTranslation integrated text translation

"MicrosoftTranslator" translate text using Microsoft Translator

"GoogleTranslate" translate text using Google Translate

Research Data

"PubChem" retrieve data about chemical molecules

"ChemSpider" retrieve data about chemical structures

"FederalReserveEconomicData" search and retrieve economic time series

Blockchain Access »

BlockchainData detailed access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. blockchains

BlockchainBlockData  ▪  BlockchainTransactionData  ▪  BlockchainTokenData  ▪  ...

Financial Information (Wolfram Finance Platform only)

"BloombergTerminal" access to real-time Bloomberg Terminal data (Windows only)

"BloombergDataLicense" access to stored Bloomberg Data License data (all platforms)

"Reuters" access to real-time Reuters data (Windows and Linux only)

External Identifiers

ExternalIdentifier symbolic representation of externally defined entities

$ExternalIdentifierTypes list of supported externally defined entity types