translates text into the current default language.


translates text into the language specified by lang.


translates text from language lang1 to lang2.

Details and Options

  • TextTranslation requires internet connectivity and uses external services that require Service Credits.
  • If no source language lang1 is given, the source language is determined automatically.
  • In TextTranslation["text"], the target language is as given by $Language.
  • Languages can be specified using entities of type "Language" or strings corresponding to standard names of languages.
  • A Method option can be given to specify the translation service to use. Current possible settings include "Microsoft" and "Google".


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Basic Examples  (2)

Translate text to the current default language:

Translate text to specific languages:

Scope  (3)

Language Detection and Specification  (3)

Autodetect the source language and translate it to the current default language given by $Language:

Translate text to a specified language:

Specify the source and target languages:

Options  (1)

Method  (1)

Use a specific service for translation:

Introduced in 2017