Accessing External Services & APIs

The Wolfram Language provides a sophisticated framework for accessing a wide variety of external services and APIs. The framework manages authentication and data exchanges with the service.

ServiceConnect connect to an external service, using OAuth etc. authentication

ServiceObject queryable representation of an open connection to an external service

service[param] request the value of a parameter for a service

ServiceExecute execute commands on external services

ServiceDisconnect end a connection to an external service

$Services list of available external services

Asynchronous Access to External Services

ServiceSubmit submit an asynchronous request to any external service

ServiceRequest  ▪  ScheduledTask  ▪  ContinuousTask

SendMessage post a message to a service

$MobilePhone verified mobile phone number associated with the current user account

ChannelListen listen to messages from external services

Import  ▪  URLExecute  ▪  URLShorten  ▪  Authentication

Supported External Services »

"Twitter"  ▪  "Dropbox"  ▪  "Twilio"  ▪  "OpenAI"  ▪  "SurveyMonkey"  ▪  "ArXiv"  ▪  "Yelp"  ▪  "BloombergTerminal"  ▪  ...

WikipediaData detailed access to Wikipedia content

WikipediaSearch search for topics in Wikipedia

WebSearch integrated web search

WebImageSearch integrated web image search

ImageSynthesize integrated generation of images from text

LLMSynthesize use an LLM to synthesize text from a prompt

TextTranslation integrated text translation

BlockchainData detailed access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. blockchains

Wolfram Data Drop »

CreateDatabin  ▪  Databin  ▪  DatabinAdd

Embedding in Notebooks

EmbeddedService web service appearing in a frame in a cloud notebook document

$EmbeddableServices list of available embeddable services