Background & Scheduled Tasks

The Wolfram Language provides frameworks for performing computations in the background, either immediately or on a predetermined schedule. These frameworks operate both locally and in the cloud, and can spawn additional processes or can operate preemptively in a single process.

Submitting Tasks

SessionSubmit submit a task to be executed in the current session

LocalSubmit submit a task to be executed in a separate local process

CloudSubmit submit a task to be executed in the cloud

Task Scheduling

ScheduledTask represent a task to perform at a scheduled time or periodically

ContinuousTask a task to be continuously reevaluated

Task Event Handling

HandlerFunctions functions to execute when particular task events occur

HandlerFunctionsKeys what information should be passed to handler functions

Task Representation

TaskObject symbolic representation of a task

$CurrentTask the task being handled by a handler function

Task Control

Tasks a list of all submitted tasks

TaskSuspend  ▪  TaskResume  ▪  TaskAbort  ▪  TaskRemove

TaskExecute immediately execute the action of a scheduled task

TaskWait wait for a task to be completely finished

Background External Tasks

URLSubmit submit an HTTP request for asynchronous execution

URLDownloadSubmit submits an HTTP request for asynchronous download

DeviceExecuteAsynchronous submit a command to a device

Fire-and-Forget Cloud Tasks

CloudDeploy deploy a scheduled task without generating a task object

DocumentGenerator automated document generator to deploy in the cloud

External Processes

StartProcess start a separately running external process

LinkReadyQ check whether data is ready to read from a WSTP connection

Blocking External Operations

DeviceExecute  ▪  ServiceExecute

RemoteEvaluate  ▪  LocalEvaluate  ▪  ParallelEvaluate  ▪  CloudEvaluate

External Message Operations »

SendMail  ▪  SendMessage  ▪  ...