waits for the specified task to be completely finished.

Details and Options

  • task can be either a TaskObject or task identifier string for a specific task.
  • TaskWait[task] blocks until task is completely finished, then returns the TaskObject[] representing task.
  • For a scheduled task, TaskWait[task] waits until all instances of the task specified in the schedule have been executed.
  • The following option can be given:
  • TimeConstraintInfinitymaximum time to wait before returning
  • TaskWait has attribute Listable.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Start a task in the current session and wait until it finishes:

Wait for a task specified by its UUID:

Start a task in a separate local kernel and wait until it finishes:

Starting an asynchronous task and waiting until it completes is equivalent to running the task synchronously:

Options  (1)

TimeConstraint  (1)

Wait for an asynchronous task to complete and then continue, even if it is not done:

Introduced in 2017