is an option for asynchronous operations that specifies the content of associations to which to apply handler functions.


  • The following are typical settings for HandlerFunctionsKeys:
  • Automatictry to include only elements required by handler functions
    Allinclude all available elements
    {"key1","key2",}include particular keys
  • The keys available with particular tasks are listed under the functions that submit the tasks.


Basic Examples  (7)

Display the result of evaluation after the task is finished:

Print the complete Association available to a handler function:

Display the result of the Print evaluated in a subkernel:

Display a dialog when the message was generated:

Print the message generated by the subkernel:

Specify that the status code and content type are to be passed to any handler function:

Receive the body of the response as a string:

Receive the body of the response as a list of bytes:

Receive the body of the response as a ByteArray:

Introduced in 2016