Summary of Features in 11.0

A list of key new features since 10.4, including features experimental in 11.0.

Full list of new features and updates since 10.0 »

User Interface & Input Forms

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Form Creation »

FormControl specify current and default values for the form controls, e.g. input fields

3D Printing & Geometry

3D Printing »

Printout3D automatically print using an online 3D print service or local 3D printer

RegionSize  ▪  Printout3DPreviewer  ▪  $Printout3DPreviewer  ▪  ...

Simple Model Creation

"ThickSurface" 3D printing PlotTheme for surface plotting functions

"FilledSurface" 3D printing PlotTheme for Plot3D and ListPlot3D

Plot3D  ▪  ListPlot3D  ▪  ParametricPlot3D  ▪  ContourPlot3D  ▪  ...

Curated Models

"Region" new property that gives 3D-printable models for many data collections

PolyhedronData  ▪  AnatomyData  ▪  GeoElevationData  ▪  ChemicalData  ▪  KnotData

Model Repair & Adjustments

FindMeshDefects find holes and other defects in meshes

RepairMesh automatically repair defects in meshes

RegionResize  ▪  ShellRegion  ▪  SolidRegionQ

Audio Processing

Audio Creation »

Audio create and represent audio using data, files, and URLs

AudioGenerator  ▪  ExampleData  ▪  Import  ▪  ...

Audio Visualization

AudioPlot plot the audio waveforms

Spectrogram  ▪  Periodogram

Audio Properties »

AudioLocalMeasurements compute time-varying properties as a time series

Duration  ▪  AudioData  ▪  AudioType  ▪  AudioQ  ▪  ...

Audio Manipulation

AudioResample resample audio to a different sample rate

AudioTrim  ▪  AudioDelete  ▪  AudioPartition  ▪  AudioSplit  ▪  AudioPan  ▪  ...

Audio Composition

AudioOverlay overlay several audio objects

AudioJoin  ▪  AudioChannelCombine  ▪  AudioChannelSeparate  ▪  ConformAudio

Audio Effects

AudioReverb create audio by adding reverberations

AudioFade  ▪  AudioPitchShift  ▪  AudioFrequencyShift  ▪  AudioDelay

Audio Filtering »

LowpassFilter lowpass filter an audio

GaussianFilter  ▪  MeanFilter  ▪  MinFilter  ▪  EntropyFilter  ▪  ...

Machine Learning & Neural Networks

Feature Extraction »

FeatureExtraction learn a feature extractor function from data

FeatureExtractorFunction  ▪  FeatureExtract  ▪  FeatureExtractor  ▪  ...

Bayesian Optimization »

BayesianMinimization Bayesian constrained minimization

BayesianMaximization  ▪  BayesianMinimizationObject  ▪  ...

Neural Networks »

NetGraph symbolic representation of neural networks

"WLNet" Wolfram Language Net representation format

NetChain  ▪  NetPort  ▪  NetExtract  ▪  ...

Network Layers

ConvolutionLayer trainable 2D convolutional net layer

PoolingLayer 2D pooling net layer

ElementwiseLayer  ▪  TotalLayer  ▪  SoftmaxLayer  ▪  MeanSquaredLossLayer  ▪  MeanAbsoluteLossLayer  ▪  CrossEntropyLossLayer  ▪  CatenateLayer  ▪  FlattenLayer  ▪  ReshapeLayer  ▪  SummationLayer

Network Encoding and Training

NetTrain train parameters in any net from examples

NetInitialize  ▪  NetEncoder  ▪  NetDecoder


Anatomy Visualization

AnatomyPlot3D plots anatomical entities

Geo Visualization »

GeoHistogram spatial histograms for geographic data

Labeling »

Callout automatic labeling of points and curves in visualization functions

CalloutMarker  ▪  CalloutStyle  ▪  LeaderSize  ▪  LabelingFunction  ▪  ...

ListPlot  ▪  Plot  ▪  ListLinePlot  ▪  ListStepPlot  ▪  DateListPlot  ▪  ...

Exclusions »

Exclusions automatically compute and cut curves and surfaces at singularities

Plot  ▪  Plot3D  ▪  ParametricPlot  ▪  ParametricPlot3D  ▪  DensityPlot  ▪  ...


WordCloud improved performance and support for general expressions

Plot now supports ScalingFunctions

RulePlot visualize rules and evolutions of computational systems

Mathematical Computation & Algorithms

Integral Equations »

DSolveValue solve differential-integral equations such as Fredholm, Volterra, etc.

Partial Differential Equations »

PeriodicBoundaryCondition solve periodic boundary value problems

NDSolve  ▪  NDSolveValue  ▪  ...

Integral Transforms »

MellinTransform compute the Mellin transform of a function

InverseMellinTransform  ▪  MellinConvolve  ▪  MeijerGReduce

Combinatorial Optimization

KnapsackSolve dedicated knapsack solver

Computational Systems

ShiftRegisterSequence sequence from a linear or nonlinear feedback shift register

Image & Signal Processing

Feature Detection »

ImageMesh convert foreground of an image to a boundary mesh region

ImageDisplacements find dense optical flow across a sequence of images

TextRecognize support for multiple languages

Segment Analysis »

ComponentMeasurements, SelectComponents more flexible interface for component selection

Signal Processing »

BiquadraticFilterModel design a biquadratic filter

ArrayResample now supports Antialiasing

Distances and Similarity Measures »

WarpingDistance compute dynamic time warping (DTW) between two sequences

WarpingCorrespondence  ▪  CanonicalWarpingDistance

Cloud & Web Operations

Channel-Based Communication »

CreateChannel create a new communication channel on the server

DeleteChannel  ▪  ChannelObject  ▪  ChannelListen  ▪  ChannelSend  ▪  FindChannels  ▪  ChannelListener  ▪  ChannelSubscribers  ▪  ...

Web Operations »

HTTPRequest symbolic representation of an HTTP request

URLRead  ▪  URLSubmit  ▪  URLDownload  ▪  FollowRedirects  ▪  ...

Cookie Management »

CookieFunction what to do with cookies received in an HTTP response

$Cookies  ▪  $CookieStore  ▪  FindCookies  ▪  ClearCookies  ▪  ...

Cloud Permissions »

PermissionsKey represent a permissions key to be used in specifying permissions

PermissionsKeys  ▪  DeletePermissionsKey

Webpages and Forms

GalleryView specify a gallery of hyperlinked images or other objects


PingTime test the time to reach a network host

URL symbolic representation of a URL, potentially including a port number (default: 80)

LocalCache caches the content of a cloud object or URL

Natural Language / Knowledgebase

Knowledge Representation & Access »

EntityStore complete representation of custom entities and their properties

Dated represent an entity or property on a specific date

Wolfram Data Repository »

ResourceSearch search for data resources using titles, descriptions, etc.

ResourceObject  ▪  ResourceData  ▪  ResourceRemove  ▪  ...

Interpreter Types »

"Alphabet"  ▪  "ComputedAlphabet"  ▪  "ComputedContinent"  ▪  "ComputedICDNine"  ▪  "ComputedICDTen"  ▪  "ComputedGeographicRegion"  ▪  "ComputedProgrammingLanguage"  ▪  "ComputedTopLevelDomain"  ▪  "ComputedYogaPose"  ▪  "ComputedYogaPosition"  ▪  "ComputedYogaProp"  ▪  "ComputedYogaSequence"  ▪  "Continent"  ▪  "DayOfWeek"  ▪  "EntityProperty"  ▪  "EntityType"  ▪  "ExportFormatString"  ▪  "GeographicRegion"  ▪  "ICDNine"  ▪  "ICDTen"  ▪  "ICDTenClass"  ▪  "ImportFormatString"  ▪  "MIMETypeString"  ▪  "ProgrammingLanguage"  ▪  "TopLevelDomain"  ▪  "YogaPose"  ▪  "YogaPoseClass"  ▪  "YogaPosition"  ▪  "YogaProp"  ▪  "YogaSequence"

Language Enhancements

File Operations

FileSystemMap give results of applying an operation to nested directories of files

File  ▪  FileSystemScan

Text Search

SearchResultObject symbolic representation of the result from a text search

Constructing Lists

CenterArray embed an array at the center of another array of any dimension

Groupings gives all possible groupings of n elements taken k at a time

Date & Time

DateBounds find the first and last dates from a list of dates

Evaluation Control

Once evaluate an expression only once in a particular session

Numerical Functions

NumberExpand  ▪  Ramp

String Manipulation

StringPart get one or more characters from specific positions in a string

Standalone Wolfram Language Kernels

wolframscript execute code locally or in the cloud, or run a standalone script