3D Printing

The Wolfram Language provides fully integrated capabilities to directly 3D print geometric models, using either an online print service or your own printer. Geometric models suitable for printing can be generated from a variety of plot functions, directly from curated collections, or imported from files and URLs, as well as from geometric regions. Several tools provide utilities for analyzing, repairing, and adjusting models.

Printout3D print a 3D model using a print service or local printer

RegionSize  ▪  TargetUnits  ▪  Printout3DPreviewer  ▪  $Printout3DPreviewer

Create Your Own Model »

Plot3D create 3D-printable plots

"ThickSurface", "FilledSurface" plot themes to make surfaces 3D printable

ParametricPlot3D  ▪  ContourPlot3D  ▪  ListPlot3D  ▪  RevolutionPlot3D  ▪  ...

Get Models from Collections

PolyhedronData get 3D-printable models

ExampleData  ▪  GeoElevationData  ▪  KnotData  ▪  Molecule

AnatomicalStructure Chemical Mountain ...

Import Models from Files »

"STL" import a 3D model from a file or URL

"OBJ"  ▪  "PLY"  ▪  "OFF"  ▪  "BYU"  ▪  "DXF"  ▪  "DAE"  ▪  ...

Repair Your Model

FindMeshDefects find holes and other defects in meshes

RepairMesh automatically repair defects in meshes

Adjust Your Model

RegionResize resize a model while preserving its shape

ShellRegion create a shell by hollowing out the interior to use less material

SolidRegionQ  ▪  RegionBounds

Create and Analyze Models »

ConvexHullMesh create a model using geometric regions directly

Volume analyze models

Ellipsoid  ▪  ImplicitRegion  ▪  BoundaryMeshRegion  ▪  ...