prints out the 3D model using a 3D print previewer.


prints out the 3D model using the specified 3D printing service.


saves a print-ready form of the model to a file in the format indicated by the file extension ext.

Details and Options

  • The model can be any 3D solid Graphics3D or 3D solid RegionQ object.
  • Printout3D[model] sends the model to the print 3D previewer application specified in Preferences Services Print 3D Previewer setting.
  • Printout3D[model,service] will typically launch a preview webpage on the external 3D printing service.
  • 3D printing services include:
  • "IMaterialise"i.materialise
  • Printout3D[model,"file.ext"] attempts to save model in the appropriate format for the file, including "STL", "OBJ", and "DAE".
  • The following options can be given:
  • MethodAutomaticmethod to use
    RegionSizeAutomaticthe absolute size at which to print the model
    TargetUnitsAutomaticoutput units of the model
    Printout3DPreviewer$Printout3DPreviewer3D print previewer to launch
  • Printout3D[model] will automatically call the previewer specified by Printout3DPreviewer.
  • Printout3DPreviewer can be used to launch the preview application for your 3D printer.
  • Printout3D provides gateways to external 3D printing services. Its uses are subject to any restrictions associated with those services, and may require additional licensing and fees.


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Generate a 3D model:

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Send the model to a 3D printing service:

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Introduced in 2016