Send a 3D model to a print service or local 3D printer.

Using an Online Printing Service...

Send a model to an online printing service. A browser window automatically opens to a page where you can order the model:

  • Supported 3D printing services include IMaterialise, Sculpteo, Shapeways and 3DHubs. Use of these services is subject to any associated restrictions and may require additional licensing and fees.

Using a Local 3D Printer...

Send a model to a local 3D printer. The printing application for the local printer opens automatically:

  • The application opened to connect to the local printer is specified by $Printout3DPreviewer.
  • By default, Printout3D will use the default program for STL files.
  • Local printers are only available in the desktop environment.


Printout3D works on solid Graphics3D, MeshRegion and BoundaryMeshRegion expressions.
Printout3D will attempt to automatically repair mesh defects. If a model has defects that cannot be automatically repaired, it may not print correctly.
You can save a model to an STL file with Printout3D:
  • Supported 3D printing formats include "STL", "OBJ" and "DAE". Other 3D formats can be used but may require conversion before printing.
  • If no path is given in the file name, Printout3D will save the model to your working directory as given by Directory[].
Print to different 3D printers with the Printout3DPreviewer option: