DAE (.dae)


    MIME type: model/vnd.collada+xml
    COLLADA interchange file format for interactive 3D applications.
    3D geometry format.
    Commonly used for representing solid models.
    Developed in 2004 by the Khronos Group.
    COLLADA is derived from "Collaborative Design Activity"; DAE file extension is derived from "Digital Asset Exchange".
    ASCII format, XML schema.
    Represents a 3D object or collection of objects as a surface formed by a collection of primitives, including triangles, polygons, and spline curves. Can also represent a full scene, including lighting, animation, and camera information.
    Optionally stores vertex normals, colors, textures, and generalized shaders.

Import and Export

  • Import["file.dae"] imports a DAE file as a MeshRegion object representing the surface.
  • Import["file.dae",elem] imports the specified element from a DAE file.
  • The import format can be specified with Import["file","DAE"] or Import["file",{"DAE",elem,}].
  • Export["file.dae",expr] exports a 3D mesh-based geometric region to a binary DAE file. The expr can be any region that is ConstantRegionQ or a Graphics or Graphics3D object.
  • Export["file.dae",expr,{opt1->val1,}] exports expr with the specified options for the file format.
  • The export format can be specified with Export["file",expr,"DAE"] or Export["file",expr,{"DAE,opt1->val1,}].
  • See the reference pages for full general information on Import and Export.
  • ImportString and ExportString support the DAE format.


  • General Import elements:
  • "Elements"list of elements available in this file
    "Rules"list of rules for each element
    "Options"list of options and settings
    "Summary"summary of properties
    "CoordinateTransform"transformation function from DAE format
  • Data format representation elements:
  • "VertexData"list of vertex coordinates
    "PolygonData"the polygon elements in indexed form
    "VertexNormals"normal vectors corresponding to the vertices
  • Geometry representation elements:
  • "BoundaryMeshRegion"boundary mesh representation of a solid
    "MeshRegion"mesh representation of a surface
  • Graphics representation elements:
  • "Graphics3D"DAE file represented as a Graphics3D object
    "GraphicsComplex"DAE file as a GraphicsComplex object
    "PolygonObjects"list of polygon primitives given in absolute coordinates
  • Import and Export use the "MeshRegion" element by default for DAE files.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Import a 3D model from DAE as a MeshRegion object:

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Summary properties of the model:

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Export a 3D model with transparent faces:

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Print the raw textual contents of the file:

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Scope  (12)

Import Elements  (10)

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Introduced in 2016