finds defects in the mesh region mreg.


finds only the specified type of defects def1, .


formats the results according to format specification.

Details and Options

  • By default, FindMeshDefects gives a mesh region with defects highlighted.
  • Possible geometrical defect types defi on surfaces include:
  • "HoleEdges"edges around a hole in the surface
    "TJunctionEdges"edges that form a T junction
    "TinyFaces"faces with near-zero area
    "OverlappingFaces"faces that overlap
  • Possible topological defect types defi include:
  • "IsolatedVertices"vertices without incident edges
    "DanglingEdges"edges without incident faces
    "SingularEdges"edges with more than two incident faces
    "SingularVertices"vertices with a non-disc neighborhood
    "TinyComponents"tiny connected mesh components
    "FlippedFaces"faces that point inward
  • Possible format specifications include:
  • Automaticmesh region with defects highlighted
    "Cell"association with mesh cells for each defect type
    "CellIndex"association with mesh cell indexes for each defect type
  • FindMeshDefects takes a PlotLegends option as well the options of MeshRegion.
  • With the setting PlotLegendsAutomatic, a legend is produced for each type of defect.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Find defects in a 3D mesh:

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Introduced in 2016