is an option and property for MeshRegion, BoundaryMeshRegion, and related functions that specifies functions to use to generate primitives for rendering mesh cells.


  • The following settings can be used:
  • Automaticthe default shape function
    Nonedo not render mesh cells
    funca general shape function
    {cellspec1->func1,}use funci for mesh cell cellspeci
  • Mesh cells with no explicit mesh cell shape function are taken to use the automatic shape.
  • The wrapper Property[cellspec,MeshCellShapeFunction->func] can be used when creating mesh regions in functions such as MeshRegion, BoundaryMeshRegion, etc.
  • The cell specification cellspec follows the standard form described for MeshRegion and BoundaryMeshRegion.
  • A general shape function func specifies that the cell of the form h[{i1,,in}] should be rendered with the primitive provided by func[coords,index,cell], where coords are coordinates of points with index i1,,in, and index is the mesh cell index.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Specify a mesh cell function for all zero-dimensional cells:

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Specify a mesh cell function for all 1D cells:

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Scope  (9)

See Also

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Introduced in 2015