represents an expression expr placed at relative position pos in a chart or other display.


places each of the ei at a relative position specified by pos.


applies the function f to each of the ei before displaying it.


  • Placed[expr,pos] is used instead of expr to specify special placement of expr.
  • The possible position specifications pos in Placed[expr,pos] depend on the construct in which Placed appears.
  • Typical supported forms include Bottom, Left, Center, Right, Top, Tooltip, StatusArea, as well as special positions associated with particular charts or other constructs, and explicit lists of scaled coordinates.
  • Placed[expr,{pos,epos}] specifies that position epos in expr should be placed at relative position pos.


Basic Examples  (4)

Use symbolic placements within bars:

Symbolic placements within sectors:

Symbolic placements outside sectors:

Use a callout:

Place legends outside a plot:

Use Placed to change the position of an overall legend label:

Introduced in 2008