Chart Labeling, Legending & Annotation

The Wolfram Language's integrated symbolic architecture makes possible a uniquely powerful and streamlined approach to labeling and legending, in which metadata can manually or programmatically be freely mixed with numerical data. The metadata can also attach arbitrary typeset, graphical, or interactive labels and legends to individual data elements, categories of data, and complete datasets.


Labeled wrapper for labeling particular data points or datasets

ChartLabels overall labels for data categories

LabelingFunction function to generate a label for every element

Placed wrapper to specify the placement of labels


Legended wrapper to specify a legend for particular data points or datasets

ChartLegends overall legends for data categories

LegendAppearance  ▪  Placed

Legends »

SwatchLegend  ▪  LineLegend  ▪  PointLegend  ▪  BarLegend

Annotation »

Tooltip attach a tooltip to data points or datasets

StatusArea  ▪  Hyperlink  ▪  PopupWindow

Button define an arbitrary action for a data point or dataset

Style  ▪  ChartStyle  ▪  ChartElements  ▪  ...

Overall Labeling »

PlotLabel  ▪  AxesLabel  ▪  FrameLabel  ▪  PolarAxes  ▪  ...

Label Formatting »

Text  ▪  Style  ▪  Framed  ▪  Highlighted  ▪  NumberForm  ▪  DecimalForm  ▪  ...