Charting and Information Visualization

The Wolfram Language's symbolic architecture and dynamic interface make possible a uniquely flexible and convenient approach to charting and information visualization. With sophisticated automation made possible by its computational aesthetics methodology, the Wolfram Language lets you immediately take data and produce compelling dynamic visualizations in a wide variety of formatsboth predefined and arbitrarily extensible.

BarChart display data as bars

PieChart display data as part of the whole

BubbleChart display data as sized bubbles

RectangleChart display data as rectangles of variable sizes

SectorChart display data with variable sector sizes and radii

PairedBarChart display data as bars on opposite sides of the axis

BarChart3D display data as bars in 3D

PieChart3D display data as part of the whole in 3D

BubbleChart3D display data as sized bubbles in 3D

RectangleChart3D display data as cuboids of variable sizes

SectorChart3D display data with variable sector sizes, radii and height

Statistical Visualization »

Histogram  ▪  SmoothHistogram  ▪  BoxWhiskerChart  ▪  QuantilePlot  ▪  ...

Financial Visualization »

CandlestickChart  ▪  InteractiveTradingChart  ▪  RenkoChart  ▪  ...

Data Visualization »

ListPlot  ▪  ListLinePlot  ▪  DateListPlot  ▪  ArrayPlot  ▪  ListContourPlot  ▪  ...

Geographic Visualization »

GeoListPlot  ▪  GeoRegionValuePlot  ▪  GeoSmoothHistogram  ▪  GeoBubbleChart  ▪  ...

Gauges »

AngularGauge  ▪  HorizontalGauge  ▪  VerticalGauge  ▪  ...

Dynamic & Combination Charting »

Manipulate  ▪  Animate  ▪  TabView  ▪  Grid  ▪  ...

Chart Labeling & Legending »

Labeled, ChartLabels label individual elements, categories

Legended, ChartLegends legend individual elements, categories

Placed  ▪  LabelingFunction  ▪  LegendAppearance  ▪  ...

Chart Styling & Layout Options »

Style, ChartStyle add styling to individual elements, categories

ChartStyle overall layout for a chart (stacked vs. grouped etc.)

BarOrigin  ▪  SectorOrigin  ▪  BarSpacing  ▪  SectorSpacing  ▪  ...

Pictorial Charting & Special Effects »

Chart palette of built-in chart element appearances

ChartElements  ▪  ChartElementFunction  ▪  ...

Annotation & Drilldown »

Tooltip  ▪  StatusArea  ▪  PopupWindow  ▪  Button  ▪  Hyperlink  ▪  ...

Iconic Graphics

IconData create various forms of standard parametrized icons