Geographic Visualization

The Wolfram Language provides geographic visualization functions to create maps from many types of data. Geo locations can be given as arbitrary geo positions or as geo entities in the Wolfram Knowledgebase. The plots make use of the full range of features of geo graphics, including projections, backgrounds and general styling.

GeoListPlot plot points or regions on a map

Scalar Values at Locations

GeoBubbleChart plot values on a map using bubbles of different sizes

GeoRegionValuePlot plot values on a map by using styled regions

GeoContourPlot plot contour lines through values on a map

GeoDensityPlot plot values on a map using smoothly varying colors

Vector Values at Locations

GeoVectorPlot plot vector fields on a map as individual markers

GeoStreamPlot plot vector fields on a map using continuous streamlines

Location Intensity of Points

GeoSmoothHistogram create smooth intensities of locations on a map

GeoHistogram create binned intensities of locations on a map

Location Connectivity

GeoGraphPlot plot a graph of relations between geographic locations on a map

GeoGraphValuePlot plot weighted relations between geographic locations

Multidimensional Data at Locations

PointValuePlot plot multidimensional data at locations on a map