generates a plot in which the geographic regions regi are colored according to the values vali.


generates a plot in which the geographic subdivisions of reg are colored according to the values EntityValue[,val].


generates a plot in which the geographic regions in entityclass are colored according to the values EntityValue[,val].

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (1)

A plot comparing some countries in Europe:

Scope  (5)

Use quantities with units as values:

Mix cities and countries and use explicit colors:

Plot an association:

Use a derived list of entities in the left-hand side of a rule:

Color all the subentities of an EntityClass:

Options  (18)

ClippingStyle  (1)

Color clipped regions blue if the value is too low and darker red if the value is too high:

ColorFunction  (1)

Color countries using an existing color scheme:

ColorFunctionScaling  (1)

Use unscaled coordinates with a custom color function:

ColorRules  (1)

Specify color rules for explicit values:

GeoLabels  (3)

Automatically add the names of the specified locations as labels:

Use tooltips to show the names of locations:

Use tooltips to show multiple pieces of information:

LabelStyle  (1)

Change the style of the automatically generated labels:

MissingStyle  (1)

Specify that missing data should be colored green with a dashed outline:

PlotLegends  (3)

Change the location and type of the legend:

Change the legend to a Histogram:

The legend is a SmoothHistogram if the number of locations is large:

PlotMarkers  (2)

Mark locations with a special character:

PlotMarkers overrides PlotStyle:

PlotRange  (1)

Use all the color contrast for the countries with fewer than 50,000,000 people:

PlotStyle  (2)

Use different style directives:

Use EdgeForm to change the outline of extended regions:

TargetUnits  (1)

Change the units shown in the legend:

Properties & Relations  (7)

Use GeoBubbleChart to show values with scaled bubbles:

Use GeoHistogram to aggregate locations into bins:

Use GeoSmoothHistogram to generate smooth densities from locations

Use GeoListPlot for individual locations:

Use GeoVectorPlot and GeoStreamPlot for vector fields:

Draw contours on a map with GeoContourPlot:

Smoothly shade a map using color with GeoDensityPlot:

Neat Examples  (6)

Color the countries of the world by their net migration:

Color some tall buildings by height, with rich tooltip information:

Use WolframAlpha to color countries by the number of gold medals won in the 2014 Winter Olympics:

Show land elevations and water depths in the region of New York City with color and tooltips:

Color the countries of Africa by the temperature in the capital in August 2008:

Display the counties of the southwest United States by income per capita:

Introduced in 2014