is an option for plotting and related functions that specifies styles in which objects are to be drawn.


  • PlotStyle->g specifies that a graphics directive g should be used to draw all the main objects in a plot.
  • PlotStyle->{g1,g2,} specifies that successive directives gi should be used cyclically for successive objects.
  • The directives that can be given include:
  • Dashing[{w1,}]dashing specification
    Directive[g1,g2,]composite graphics directive
    EdgeForm[g]edge-drawing specification
    FaceForm[g]face-drawing specification
    Glow[c]glow color
    PointSize[d]point size
    Red, Blue, etc.named colors
    RGBColor[r,g,b]RGB color
    Specularity[s]surface specularity
    Thickness[w]line thickness
  • For individual gi, a list of directives is equivalent to Directive[]. For a single g, a list of directives must be given as {list}.
  • PlotStyle can apply to points, lines and surfaces.
  • PlotStyle->None specifies that the main objects in a plot should not be drawn explicitly, though mesh and filling are not affected.
  • If an explicit setting is given for ColorFunction, MeshShading or ContourShading, it is used in preference to the setting for PlotStyle.


Basic Examples  (5)

Plot and related functions will automatically style multiple curves:

Explicitly style different curves:

Add specularity to a surface:

Use transparency to show hidden features:

Use transparency to show overlapping regions:

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