is an option for gauge functions that specifies styles in which the markers are to be drawn.


  • GaugeStyle->g specifies that a graphics directive g should be used to draw all the marker objects in a plot.
  • GaugeStyle->{g1,g2,} specifies that successive directives gi should be used cyclically for successive marker objects.
  • The directives that can be given include:
  • Dashing[{w1,}]dashing specification
    Directive[g1,g2,]composite graphics directive
    EdgeForm[g]edge-drawing specification
    FaceForm[g]face-drawing specification
    PointSize[d]point size
    Red, Blue, etc.named colors
    RGBColor[r,g,b]RGB color
    Thickness[w]line thickness
  • GaugeStyle can apply to points, lines, and surfaces in the objects specified as markers.
  • GaugeStyle->None specifies that the marker in a gauge should not be drawn.
  • GaugeStyle->{gbelow,gabove} specifies that directive gbelow should be used to draw cumulative markers below the marker value and gabove above.
  • GaugeStyle->scheme generates styles from ColorData[scheme,].
  • For cumulative markers, the setting GaugeStyle->g will be interpreted as {g,None} and not draw any markers above the marker value.


Basic Examples  (6)

AngularGauge and related functions will automatically style multiple gauge markers:

Explicitly style different markers:

Specify different styles for different markers:

Use built-in colors to style the markers:

Explicitly style the region below and above the marker value:

Add specularity to a 3D object:

Introduced in 2012