is an option for gauge functions to describe how to style different sections of the scale.


  • ScaleRangeStyle gives styles for both the background and foreground of the region.
  • ScaleRangeStyle->style specifies that all ranges are to be rendered by default with the specified style.
  • ScaleRangeStyle->{style1,style2,} specifies that range i should be styled according to stylei.
  • ScaleRangeStyle provides style instructions for ScaleRanges. The possible forms are:
  • Noneno special styling
    Automaticdefault styling
    stylestyle for the background of the range
    {styleback,stylefront}distinct styles for background and foreground
    nstyles taken from ColorData[n]
    "name"discrete styles sampled from ColorData["name"]
    cfdiscrete styles sampled from color function cf
  • Styles can be specified using graphics directives such as Thick, Red, and Dashed, as well as Thickness, RGBColor, Dashing, and combinations given by Directive. Styles for the foreground can also contain rules for options such as FontSize and FontFamily.
  • ScaleRanges->{{r1,min,r1,max}->s1,{r2,min,r2,max}->s2,} can be used to specify a style si for range {ri,min,ri,max}.
  • Explicit styles specified in the setting for ScaleRanges can override styles specified in ScaleRangeStyle.


Basic Examples  (10)

By default, the scale ranges are styles are based on the marker color:

Apply a style to every range:

Use a list of directives to style each range separately:

Use ScaleRangeStyle->{None,style} to apply a style to the scale only:

Apply a style to the backgrounds and foregrounds of all the ranges:

Color the scale ranges with built-in color schemes:

Define a one-dimensional color function:

Colors are taken from the Automatic styling if not specified in ScaleRangeStyle:

Styles will repeat cyclically, if necessary:

Rule specified styles override the ScaleRangeStyle:

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