The Wolfram Language provides a rich collection of gauges and meters for displaying information. Highly customizable built-in support for units and intelligent labeling make gauges in the Wolfram Language suitable for a range of tasks, from simple displays to complete dashboards. When combined with dynamic interactivity, gauges make excellent controls for Manipulate and other interfaces.

Scale Gauges

AngularGauge angular gauge of values

HorizontalGauge horizontal gauge of values

VerticalGauge vertical gauge of values

Application Gauges

BulletGauge bullet gauge of values

ThermometerGauge thermometer display of values

ClockGauge clock display of dates

Gauge Appearance

GaugeStyle style for gauge elements

GaugeMarkers marker appearance for gauges

GaugeFrameStyle style for gauge frames

GaugeLabels  ▪  GaugeFaceStyle  ▪  GaugeFaceElementFunction  ▪  GaugeFrameElementFunction  ▪  GaugeFrameSize

Scale Settings

ScaleDivisions divisions for gauge scales

ScaleOrigin how to orient scales in gauges

ScaleRanges scale ranges to highlight with additional styles

ScalePadding  ▪  ScaleRangeStyle  ▪  ScalingFunctions