is an option for ListPlot, BarChart, Histogram, and other plotting functions that specifies what scaling functions should be used.


  • The following settings can be given for ScalingFunctions:
  • Noneno scaling function
    "Log"use logarithmic scaling
    "Reverse"reverse the coordinate direction
    "Reciprocal"use reciprocal scaling
    "Log10"use logarithmic scaling with base 10
    "Log2"use logarithmic scaling with base 2
    {f,f-1}use the scaling function f and its inverse f-1
    {s1,s2,}use scaling function specification si for direction i
  • Options are specified in the original coordinates.
  • Ticks, GridLines, etc. indicate unscaled values, but at a scaled location.
  • For plotting functions, scaling can be applied to the following variables:
  • DateListPlot,BarChart,BarChart3Dy
  • With ScalingFunctions->"Log", CandlestickChart, RenkoChart, and other financial visualization functions plot the prices on a log scale.


Basic Examples  (6)

Show a function with log-scaled values:

Use a reversed axis:

Show a BarChart with log-scaled heights:

Generate a Histogram on log-log scales:

Plot data on reversed axes:

Generate a BubbleChart with the axis reversed and the axis on a Weibull probability scale:

Introduced in 2010
Updated in 2014