Data Visualization

Using a host of original algorithms developed at Wolfram Research, the Wolfram Language provides powerful functions that automate the process of creating cognitively and aesthetically compelling representations of structured and unstructured datanot only for points, lines, and surfaces, but also for graphs and networks.

ListPlot plot lists of points

ListLinePlot plot lines through lists of points

ListStepPlot plots values in steps

StackedListPlot plots multiple curves by stacking them on each other

ListLogPlot  ▪  ListLogLinearPlot  ▪  ListLogLogPlot  ▪  ListPolarPlot

ListPlot3D 3D plot from lists of 3D height data

ListPointPlot3D 3D point scatter plot

ListLinePlot3D 3D curve plot

ListDensityPlot, ListDensityPlot3D color density plots from 3D and 4D height data

ListContourPlot, ListContourPlot3D iso contour plots from 3D and 4D height data

ListSliceDensityPlot3D color densities on surface slices through 4D height data

ListSliceContourPlot3D contour shading on surface slices through 4D height data

ListCurvePathPlot, ListSurfacePlot3D reconstruct curves and surfaces from points

ArrayPlot plot an array of values or colors

ReliefPlot plot an array with simulated relief

MatrixPlot plot values in a matrix

ArrayPlot3D plot a 3D array of values

RadialAxisPlot plot -dimensional points on radial axes

ParallelAxisPlot plot -dimensional points on parallel axes

PointValuePlot plot locations with associated data

FeatureSpacePlot, FeatureSpacePlot3D plot dimension-reduced feature space

Date & Time Visualization »

DateListPlot, DateListLogPlot date and time plots

TimelinePlot timeline allowing labeling

DateHistogram histogram of dates or times

DateListStepPlot  ▪  StackedDateListPlot

Vector Visualization »

ListVectorPlot plot vectors from a vector field

ListStreamPlot plot streamlines from a vector field

ListVectorPlot3D  ▪  ListStreamPlot3D  ▪  ListSliceVectorPlot3D  ▪  ...

Graph Visualization »

GraphPlot lay out a general graph

LayeredGraphPlot draw a graph in a layered or hierarchical way

TreePlot draw a tree structure

Hierarchical Data Visualization

Dendrogram  ▪  ClusteringTree

Charting & Information Visualization »

BarChart  ▪  PieChart  ▪  BubbleChart  ▪  BarChart3D  ▪  ...

Statistical Visualization »

Histogram  ▪  Histogram3D  ▪  QuantilePlot  ▪  BoxWhiskerChart  ▪  ...

Gauges »

AngularGauge  ▪  HorizontalGauge  ▪  VerticalGauge  ▪  ...

Visualization of Tabular Data »

Grid  ▪  Row  ▪  Column  ▪  Multicolumn  ▪  GraphicsGrid  ▪  GraphicsRow  ▪  ...

Collective Data Visualization

WordCloud  ▪  ImageCollage  ▪  ImageAssemble

Geographic Visualization »

GeoListPlot  ▪  GeoSmoothHistogram  ▪  GeoRegionValuePlot  ▪  ...

Interval Visualization

NumberLinePlot plot points and intervals on the number line

Discrete Function Visualization »

DiscretePlot plot functions of a discrete variable

Anatomy Visualization

AnatomyPlot3D visualization of anatomical structures

Wavelet Visualization »

WaveletScalogram  ▪  WaveletListPlot  ▪  WaveletMatrixPlot  ▪  ...

Color Space Visualization »

ChromaticityPlot  ▪  ChromaticityPlot3D

Styling Options »

Frame  ▪  PlotStyle  ▪  Filling  ▪  Mesh  ▪  ImageSize  ▪  ...

Labels »

PlotLabels  ▪  Labeled  ▪  Callout  ▪  ...

Legends »

PlotLegends  ▪  Legended  ▪  LineLegend  ▪  BarLegend  ▪  ...

Annotation & Combination »

Tooltip  ▪  StatusArea  ▪  Inset  ▪  ...

Error Bars & Uncertainty »

Around  ▪  IntervalMarkers  ▪  ...