Vector Visualization

The Wolfram Language provides state-of-the-art fully automated visualization of vector functions and datasuitable for representing flows, field lines, and other vector fields of any complexity.

Vector Plots

VectorPlot, ListVectorPlot plot vectors from a vector field

VectorPlot3D, ListVectorPlot3D plot vectors from a 3D vector field

SliceVectorPlot3D, ListSliceVectorPlot3D plot vectors on a slice surface

Stream Plots

StreamPlot, ListStreamPlot make a stream plot from a vector field

StreamPlot3D, ListStreamPlot3D make a stream plot from a 3D vector field

Displacement Plots

VectorDisplacementPlot, ListVectorDisplacementPlot vector fields displacing objects

VectorDisplacementPlot3D, ListVectorDisplacementPlot3D vector fields displacing 3D objects

Combination Plots

VectorDensityPlot, ListVectorDensityPlot vector plot with density background

StreamDensityPlot, ListStreamDensityPlot stream plot with density background

Convolution Plots

LineIntegralConvolutionPlot, ListLineIntegralConvolutionPlot vector fields transforming an image

Geographic Visualization »

GeoVectorPlot  ▪  GeoStreamPlot  ▪  ...

Complex Visualization »

ComplexVectorPlot  ▪  ComplexStreamPlot  ▪  ...


StreamPoints, VectorPoints number or placement of streamlines, vectors

StreamScale scale and size of streamlines

VectorScaling, VectorSizes scale and size of vectors

StreamStyle, VectorStyle color and style of streamlines, vectors

StreamMarkers, VectorMarkers general shape of streamlines, vectors

ColorFunction, Mesh, MeshFunctions coloring, meshing, contouring, etc. for scalars

StreamColorFunction  ▪  VectorColorFunction  ▪  RegionFunction

VectorAspectRatio  ▪  VectorRange  ▪  ClippingStyle