generates a vector plot from a 3D array of vector field values over the slice surface surf.


generates a slice vector plot over several surfaces surf1, surf2, .

Details and Options

  • ListSliceVectorPlot3D gives vector glyphs on surfaces in a volume.
  • The array represents values in a volume, where by default the point {k,j,i} is taken to have value arrayi,j,k with 1ir, 1js, and 1kt for an array of dimension {r,s,t,3}.
  • The following basic slice surfaces surfi can be given:
  • Automaticautomatically determine slice surfaces
    "CenterPlanes"coordinate planes through the center
    "BackPlanes"coordinate planes at the back of the plot
    "XStackedPlanes"coordinate planes stacked along x axis
    "YStackedPlanes"coordinate planes stacked along y axis
    "ZStackedPlanes"coordinate planes stacked along z axis
    "DiagonalStackedPlanes"planes stacked diagonally
    "CenterSphere"a sphere in the center
    "CenterCutSphere"a sphere with a cutout wedge
    "CenterCutBox"a box with a cutout octant
  • ListSliceVectorPlot3D[data] is equivalent to ListSliceVectorPlot3D[data,Automatic].
  • The following parametrizations can be used for basic slice surfaces:
  • {"XStackedPlanes",n},generate n equally spaced planes
    {"XStackedPlanes",{x1,x2,}}generate planes for x=xi
    {"CenterCutSphere",ϕopen}cut angle ϕopen facing the view point
    {"CenterCutSphere",ϕopen,ϕcenter}cut angle ϕopen with center angle ϕcenter in -plane
  • "YStackedPlanes", "ZStackedPlanes" follow the specifications for "XStackedPlanes", with additional features shown in the scope examples.
  • The following general slice surfaces surfi can be used:
  • surfaceregiona two-dimensional region in 3D, e.g. Hyperplane
    volumeregiona three-dimensional region in 3D where surfi is taken as the boundary surface, e.g. Cuboid
  • The following wrappers can be used for slice surfaces surfi:
  • Annotation[surf,label]provide an annotation
    Style[surf,style]style the surface
    Button[surf,action]define an action to execute when the surface is clicked
    EventHandler[surf,]define a general event handler for the surface
    Hyperlink[surf,uri]make the surface act as a hyperlink
    PopupWindow[surf,cont]attach a popup window to the surface
    StatusArea[surf,label]display in status area when the surface is moused over
    Tooltip[surf,label]attach an arbitrary tooltip to the surface
  • ListSliceVectorPlot3D has the same options as Graphics3D, with the following additions and changes:
  • AxesTruewhether to draw axes
    BoundaryStyleAutomatichow to style surface boundaries
    BoxRatios{1,1,1}ratio of height to width
    DataRangeAutomaticthe range of x, y, and z values to assume for data
    MethodAutomaticmethods to use for the plot
    PerformanceGoal$PerformanceGoalaspects of performance to try to optimize
    PlotPointsAutomaticapproximate number of samples for the slice surfaces surfi in each direction
    PlotRange{Full,Full,Full}range of x, y, z values to include
    PlotRangePaddingAutomatichow much to pad the range of values
    PlotStyleAutomaticstyle directives for each slice surface
    PlotTheme$PlotThemeoverall theme for the plot
    RegionFunctionTrue&determine what region to include
    TargetUnitsAutomaticdesired units to use
    VectorColorFunctionNonehow to color vectors
    VectorColorFunctionScalingTruewhether to scale the argument to VectorColorFunction
    VectorPointsAutomaticthe number or placement of vectors to plot
    VectorScaleAutomaticthe scale and size of vectors to plot
    VectorStyleAutomatichow to draw vectors
  • RegionFunction is supplied with x, y, z, vx, vy, vz, Norm[{vx,vy,vz}].
  • VectorColorFunction is by default supplied with scaled x, y, z, vx, vy, vz, Norm[{vx,vy,vz}].
  • For an array of dimension {r,s,t,3}, the setting DataRangeAutomatic is equivalent to DataRange{{1,r},{1,s},{1,t}}.
  • Slice surfaces can be styled using a Style wrapper and PlotStyle option with the Style wrapper taking precedence over PlotStyle. None can be used to indicate that no slice surface should be shown.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Plot a vector field over a surface:

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Use a general slice surface:

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Introduced in 2015