is an option for three-dimensional graphics functions that specifies on which edges of the bounding box axes should be drawn.


  • AxesEdge->{{diry,dirz},{dirx,dirz},{dirx,diry}} specifies on which three edges of the bounding box axes are drawn. The diri must be either +1 or -1, and specify whether axes are drawn on the edge of the box with a larger or smaller value of coordinate i, respectively.
  • The default setting AxesEdge->Automatic chooses automatically on which exposed box edges axes should be drawn.
  • Any pair {diri,dirj} in the setting for AxesEdge can be replaced by Automatic to specify that the position of the corresponding axis is to be chosen automatically.
  • Any pair {diri,dirj} can be replaced by None, in which case the corresponding axis will not be drawn.
  • If you explicitly specify on which edge to draw an axis, the axis will be drawn on that edge, whether or not the edge is exposed with the view point you have chosen.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Automatically choose which bounding box edges to draw the axes on:

Selectively draw the axes:

Specify the axis edges explicitly:

Scope  (2)

Draw the axis edge that is the intersection of the plane and the plane:

Draw the axis edge that is the intersection of the plane and plane:

Four different positions for the axis:

Applications  (1)

Use fixed axes for 3D:

Properties & Relations  (2)

Using Automatic, the axes are placed on one of the exposed bounding box edges:

In 2D, AxesOrigin specifies where to draw the axes:

Introduced in 1991