Graphics Annotation & Appearance

The Wolfram Language's graphics language is carefully designed to make it easy to controlboth manually and programmaticallythe detailed appearance and labeling of graphics, while automatically maintaining aesthetic integrity.


Axes whether to include axes

Ticks  ▪  TicksStyle  ▪  AxesOrigin  ▪  AxesLabel  ▪  AxesStyle  ▪  AxesEdge

FindDivisions find "nice" tick positions

Range  ▪  PowerRange


Frame whether to draw a frame around a graphic

FrameTicks  ▪  FrameStyle  ▪  FrameTicksStyle  ▪  FrameMargins

FrameLabel  ▪  RotateLabel

Grid Lines

GridLines whether to draw grid lines

GridLinesStyle  ▪  FaceGrids  ▪  FaceGridsStyle


PlotLabel  ▪  LabelStyle  ▪  Text  ▪  Labeled

Dynamic Annotation

Tooltip add a tooltip to any object

Mouseover  ▪  StatusArea  ▪  Annotation  ▪  PopupWindow

General Styling

Style general wrapper for style specifications

Background  ▪  BaseStyle  ▪  Prolog  ▪  Epilog  ▪  FormatType

Text Styling »

Red  ▪  Large  ▪  Bold  ▪  Framed  ▪  Highlighted  ▪  Background  ▪  ...

Embedding of Graphics

AlignmentPoint  ▪  BaselinePosition  ▪  ImageSizeMultipliers

FullGraphics convert a graphics object to one in which objects specified by graphics options are given as explicit lists of primitives